41, A Long Time Coming

41, A Long Time Coming

The stories

Mercedes Lucero Model Survivors
Siddhartha Gigoo Seven Nights of Longing
Ruth Joffre Firsts
Eva Wong Nava The Old Guard and the Tailor
Shivani Mutneja Ugly Husband
Steve Chang In Another Life I Used to Be a Dog
Delvon T. Mattingly Diphenhydramine
Sudha Balagopal Matter in Water
Thaddeus Rutkowski The Fear
Brianna McNish “As Seen on TV”
Bunkong Tuon Cambodian Man Wandering the Streets of Long Beach
Tara Isabel Zambrano A Brief Progression of Natural Disasters
Hadiyyah Kuma Deep Fried Butter
Maz Do A Democratic Feast
Quinn Lui some kind of co-dependency
Christine Taylor Landscape with Wild Dogs
K.B. Carle Vagabond Mannequin


41 cover

This special issue, one of our most popular ever, exclusively showcases the work of writers of colour. Young poets, novelists, film-makers, musicians, short story writers, magazine editors, children’s book authors, award winners, first timers, essayists, and (of course) flash fiction writers came together and produced an extremely exciting example of excellence.

Image DALeast/MsSaraKelly CC2.0