IMPORTANT NOTE: We are taking a short break from submissions. We will reopen on June 1. Please don’t send in anything until then – we will return it unread. Thank you so much for understanding – we really need this break!!


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IMPORTANT: At this time, we would prefer submitters to only send one piece at a time, for our sakes! Hopefully things will return to normal soon. Thank you so much for your understanding.


We only ask for first publication rights and the right to display the work for the duration of the journal. We may, in exceptional circumstances, remove stories for any reason without notice. Currently payment is in love ❤ ❤ ❤ not money, I’m afraid. Stories are proofread for punctuation, spelling, grammar and the like.


Please note, we often provide positive feedback in our responses, and may highlight aspects of a piece we particularly liked, but we do not offer critical advice.


jellyfish submissionsJellyfish Review Targets for 2020 calendar year 

We want more than 66% of work published in this calendar year to be written by women  and more than 40% by writers of colour.

At the end of the year, we will assess our progress.


Donations are welcome and have zero impact on our consideration of submissions

(Donations help us cover some of our costs, so please do consider giving something)


(last updated April 2020)



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Flash fiction <1000 words

Creative nonfiction <1000 words

Send to:

My favourite address is Dear Chris or Dear Jellyfish 😊

Expect a reply in under a week. Any more than that and you should query.

Copy and paste your work into the body of an email.

Unfortunately, we are no longer opening attachments (long story)!

Don’t worry too much about font or formatting – we can figure that out.

Our perfect cover letter includes a quick hello, title, author name, word count and a short, 3rd-person bio… but if you don’t like writing cover letters that’s ok too!

Simultaneous submissions are ok!

Multiple submissions (to a maximum total of 2000 words) are ok!

Resubmissions and previously published work (including work published on blogs and social media) is not ok!