Jellyfish Review accepts flash fiction and CNF (creative non-fiction) up to 1000 words, so if you can flip us handle over teapot then we want to hear from you.

We like fun, we like sad, we like ugly, we like beautiful. But above all else, we like stories that teach us something.

Please send your submissions to

Feel free to include a short bio or covering letter with your submission.

We probably won’t open attachments (long story!) so make sure your piece is pasted into the body of the email.

Maximum word length: 1000 words


As of our second birthday, we are (occasionally) also welcoming essays on any topic of up to 2000 words. Let us know it’s an essay!


Importantly, we would like to be an attractive venue and a proud advocate for writers of colour, women writers and LGBTQ writers. The best writers in the business, and we want to advocate their talent. We don’t do enough of that, and we’re going to ramp it up a million-fold. We would be so lucky to publish work by these writers all the time. With the help of the flash fiction community, we can make our wish come true.


Some additional guidelines, in no particular order:

We’re happy to receive simultaneous submissions (simsubs) – please let us know if somebody accepts your piece before we do so we can send congratulations your way.

We’re happy to accept multiple submissions – just don’t go bananas and send us 100 pieces at one time! About 2000/2500 words total feels like a nice amount.

If we pass on one piece you’re free to send another as soon as you think you have a good fit. No minimum waiting period. We have a number of regular submitters and we look forward to finding the perfect match by them. The one caveat to this is that if we’re ever overwhelmed by the size of our submissions queue we might occasionally ask our regular submitters to wait a month. This almost never happens, and in the past everyone has been very lovely about it!

If we accept a piece, wait until it goes live before submitting again.

We try to send a few words on most of our responses, and our focus is very much on what we liked about a piece. Sometimes this is just a few words, and sometimes if we’re especially busy not even that!

Use a font and font-size that’s nice and easy to read.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

We want new work, so we don’t accept previously published pieces. This includes (for example) pieces published on Facebook!

Finally, we try to respond to everything within a few days, so query us if it’s been more than a week.






At Jellyfish Review we ask for first publication rights and the right to display the work for the duration of the journal. Copyright remains with the writer in all cases. If your work is subsequently reprinted elsewhere, please acknowledge Jellyfish Review as the site of first publication. Please note that at present, we are unable to pay our contributors.

Before posting, we edit stories for punctuation, spelling, grammar and the like. Our response time is very fast, so if you haven’t heard back from us within a week please feel free to query.


This page last edited September 14, 2018

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Jellyfish Review Targets for 2019 calendar year

We want more than 60% of our stories published in this calendar year to be written by women.

We want to publish more than 50 pieces by writers of colour.

At the end of the year, we will assess our progress.

This is the work that excites us, this is the work we want to publish. This is the best work in flash fiction. If we come close to making those targets, then we will have been blessed by talent raining down on us!














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