Happy 2022!

In January and February, we will be trying something a little bit different. We are looking for submissions that are one line only. Maybe two. Yes, that’s right! Your submission should be one sentence only. Maybe two. And it doesn’t need to be a complete story, it doesn’t need to have an arc, though it can. We’re looking for some great lines to dig our teeth into, hopefully in a variety of styles.


There are some guidelines:

Submissions must be One line only. Maybe two. (and when I say line, I mean sentence!)

You can send only one submission at a time. Simsubs are fine. After receiving a response, please wait a week before trying again. And if you do try multiple times, please think about donating a little money via the button down below!

No attachments – paste your submission into the body of the email.

No previously published work – that includes personal blogs and social media. 

We will pay $5 upon publication for accepted pieces (Payment via PayPal), which is pretty good for one line.

Feel free to include a bio and a quick hello, but don’t feel obliged. You can address submissions to Dear Chris or Dear Jellyfish 😊 Make sure you include the title of your piece

To cope with the anticipated volume, we will be sending out form responses only. We should respond in under a week. If it takes more than two weeks, try querying us. If querying, it might be a good idea to provide an alternative email address just in case.

The email address for submissions is:

We’re very excited about this. As a magazine that loves reading and writing great work above all else, we cannot wait to see what you make of our experiment!

jellyfish submissions

Oh, and please donate. Please help us pay our writers and our costs. We need more money. Sometimes people see this and donate enough to pay two or three writers and that makes us absolutely giddy with excitement!


jellyfish submissions

Jellyfish Review Targets for 2022 calendar year

Our target this year is for 50% of our published work to be by writers of colour.


Donations are welcome and have zero impact on our consideration of submissions


we support Black Lives Matter and here are some ways you can help


(last updated January 2022)

We can be contacted at

We only ask for first publication rights and the right to display the work for the duration of the journal.