During June (2021) we are offering a special call for submissions. Unable to settle on just one theme, we’re going with two. Submissions open on June 5.


We’re allowing relatively broad interpretations of the themes, but there are some rules.

Submission fee is two thousand dollars. Just kidding. If you don’t want to spend two thousand dollars, you can submit for free. But consider donating something! If we get enough donations, we’ll pay writers now and in the future

Stories must be previously unpublished (and that includes social media/personal blogs). We ask for first publication rights and the right to display the work for the duration of the journal

Stories must be strictly under 1000 words long

Fiction and nonfiction are both considered, but poetry will be returned unread I’m afraid

Send to and you can address me as Dear Chris or Dear Jellyfish

We don’t open attachments, so paste your story into the body of an email

Submissions will close on the last day of June, timezones flexible

Please respect the themes. We know they’re challenging, but we are not open to regular submissions, only to this special call. Please let us know in your email which theme you’re responding to.

We aim to reply to everything within a week. If you haven’t heard from us by then, feel free to query. Thanks!

One submission only per writer


jellyfish submissions

Jellyfish Review Targets for 2021 calendar year

This is probably going to be a quiet time for us, but our target this year is for 50% of our published work to be by writers of colour.


Donations are welcome and have zero impact on our consideration of submissions

(Donations help us cover some of our costs, so please do consider giving something. Please consider giving lots – that would be lovely)


we support Black Lives Matter and here are some ways you can help


(last updated June 2021)

We are currently closed for regular submissions. We can be contacted for other reasons at

We only ask for first publication rights and the right to display the work for the duration of the journal.