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Little sayings

“Little Sayings” Call for Submissions

There’s a lovely book called Family Lexicon, by Natalia Ginzburg, which tells the story of her large Italian family with all its routines, its rituals, and its pet phrases. The characters and the story come to life through the little sayings the family have invented and shared with each other. The Chilean writer Alejandro Zambra does something similar in many of his short stories. So too, I think, do writers like Amy Hempel and Lydia Davis and Lorrie Moore. More sometimes than the plot or the characters, these moments of sparkling dialogue can be the moments we fall in love with as readers.

Feel free to interpret the prompt however you see fit, but we do want work that contains at least one wonderful line of dialogue.


We consider:

Work that’s under 1000 words (Nothing over 1000 words)

Prose, in any form (No poetry)

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Work that has at least one line of wonderful dialogue (Please follow the theme!)

Previously unpublished work (no previously published work, which includes defunct magazines, social media and personal blogs)

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Deadline: July 31st

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