Aaron Burch No Longer There

Abby Manzella Snow Sweeping

Abha Iyengar Deception

Abuchi Modilim Parker Street

Adetomiwa Victor Owoseni An Unspoken Exchange

Ahimaz Rajessh All Eggs, No Birds /  Bridges / A Murder of Cows / Head & Body

Ai Jiang Name: Aye-Aye

AJ Atwater No One

Ajay Patri A Song for the Monsters

A. J. Huffman Postmortem Instructions

Alejandro Pérez Tío

Alexandra M. Matthews Overripe

Alex DiFrancesco The Apartment Building

Aleyna Rentz The Color of Dead Things

Alice Hatcher A Tenderness Rarely Seen

Alicia Bones Doing Things the Way We’re Supposed to Ensures a Self-Actualized Life

Alina Stefanescu Letter to a Midwestern Artist

Al Kratz It’s been a Long Time since I’ve Rock and Rolled

Allen M. Price Screen Memory 1: “Your Father’s Got Hemorrhoids”

Allie Marini I endured it. It was fine

Allison Wyss The Pool and the Body Parts

Alva Holland I Asked for Yellow Balloons

Alvarado O’Brien Three Conversations

Alys Jackson The Utter Absence of Everything

Alyssa Greene Anatomy of a Haunting

Amanda Huggins Blood Red

Amber Nicole Brooks Imprint

Amber Sparks The Men in Paris Always Wanted

Amelia Langford Dinosaur Suit

Amy Marques With Tongue

Amy Olassa The Women

Amy Rossi If You Need Me, I’ll Be Over Here Marking My Life in Bob Seger Songs

Amy Stuber After the End Times

Amy Zhang Watch List

Ana Gardner Grandfather-Skin Gloves

Andrea Jarrell On the road to Zion, my father behind the wheel

Andrea Rinard The Morning After

Andrew Stancek Bara

Andrew Wehmann Little Sure Shot

Angela Readman Improbable Cures for Insomnia / We Make Our Own Beaches

Anita Gopalan (translating Geet Chaturvedi) A Man in the Form of a Signature on the First Page of the Book

Anna Cabe See Me

Anna Lea Jancewicz The Rabbits of the Underworld Find Innovation Distasteful

Anna Potter Lola in Arms

Anna Vangala Jones Echo

Anne Doten Little Deaths

Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber Charybdis / Eight / F. Scott, Remember Me / Joseph Conrad Took Twenty-Five Years to Bust My Balls, That Twit / Hard Pressed from: Illusions Perdue

Anne O’Leary You Will

Anne Rasmussen Apology

Anne Summerfield Jokes and Lies

Ann Hillesland Listen to Me

Ann Keeling Mrs. Habisch’s Hair

Anthony Cordello Salts in the Brain

Anthony Varallo Honey

Antoine Bargel The Definition of Insanity 2

Anu Kandikuppa Pink Beach

April Yee Theory

Archana Sridhar Rechargeable Moons

Arvin Ramgoolam Please Don’t Touch the Art

Arya Roshanian m4m__LA

Ashley Burnett The Fairytale Princess Gets Over a Break-up

Ashley Hutson Disbelief

Ashley Lopez This Side of the Fjord

Ashton Carlile Gummy

Aube Rey Lescure Sicily in Three Acts

Aubrey Hirsch Bad Boys

Audrey Bauman The Long Con

Augustine Okam Hand on your nose

Avital Gad-Cykman Clean


Barbara O’Donnell New Friend

Barrett Bowlin Neighbors

Barrett Travis Animal Control

Becca Borawski Jenkins Singed by the Fire of a Thousand Dreams

Becky Robison A Whole Breakfast

Ben Loory The Pot

Ben Niespodziany The Parish

Ben Slotky Spark and Flink

Bethany Laurell Crickets

Beth Gilstrap Earth Eating as Suppressant

Beverly A. Jackson Dusty Hoffman Isn’t Greek / I Remember / Kickin’ Bossa Nova / The Rapture

Bix Gabriel Not a Bar Story

Bobbi Lurie The Wisdom of Lying

Brendan Zietsch Tuesdays at the Table

Brian Komei Dempster Walks | Blessing

Brianna McNish “As Seen on TV”

Brianne M. Kohl When She Met Him

Briget Heidmous The Park is a Giant OctopusMonsters May Lurk Here

Britina Cheng Tinder Brunch

Brooke Knisley Sound Guy

Bud Smith Fentanyl

Bunkong Tuon Cambodian Man Wandering the Streets of Long Beach

Busamoya Phodiso Modirwa The Gods Want What They Want


Caitlin Barasch Deviations

Caitlin McGillicuddy Peaches

Camille Clarke Open Wide

Cara Benson Situations in Which Groping Is an Appropriate Response

Carlotta Eden Words Your Boyfriends Call Your Pussy

Caroline Fairey Vacation

Caroline Kim Older Women / Premonition / Benches Are for People

Carolyn Oliver Cherry Season

Catfish McDaris Lala / The Matador

Catherine McNamara Slaughter of the Innocents / Trionfo di Pesce

Catherine Xie Rabbit Candy God

Cathy Ulrich These Clouds Are Not the Same Clouds; This Sky Is Not the Same Sky / Ghost Among GhostsWhen the Children Return

Catriona O’Rourke The Night We Didn’t See the Moon

C. C. Russell How It Begins

Celene Chen 陳詩靈 or Reaching Beyond the Ceiling 

Cezarija Abartis Sleeping Beauty Is a Bad Girl

Chad Miller Husband in the Ear

Charles Lennox Dog Story

Chauna Craig The Open Door

Chaya Bhuvaneswar The Glenohumeral Joint

Chelsea Ruxer Enamel

Chelsea Stickle Coming of Age

Chelsea Voulgares Volcano

Cheryl Pappas Stranger

Cheyenne Nimes At The Mirage

Chiemeziem Everest Udochukwu Shedding the Weight

Chloe N. Clark The Intimacy of Objects / They Are Coming for You, So You Better Run, You Better Run, So You Can Hide

Chloe Yelena Miller There Are Things We Can’t Say

Chris Belden “Termite Walks Into a Bar…”

Chris Crowder Wait

Chris Haven Someday I’ll Love Chris Haven

Chris Milam Driftwood

Chris Shorne Vocab Lessons

Christina Murphy Our Story

Christine Taylor Landscape with Wild Dogs

Christopher Allen The Microbiology of Laiq

Christopher DeWan Unattended

Christopher Locke Kisses

Christopher Murphy Roscoe

Christopher Stanley Lincoln in New York

Christy & Ryan Call What Causes Hailstones?

Claire Guyton The Hostile Truth

Claire Hopple Flat Earth / Monitor

Claire Kortyna Carry Me Home

Claire Lobenfeld Everyone Has Their Role in a Fight

Claire Polders Brunch / The Next

Clare Chai In which I ask my husband if we should migrate

Claudia Zuluaga Third Ghost

Clio Velentza Ursa Major

Colleen Kearney Rich Personal Effects

Colleen Rothman The Takeover

Corey Ginsberg Proposal

Courtney Young Two

Craig Burnett Economics (spitting)


Damhnait Monaghan The Neverlands

Dana Diehl My Ulcer

Dan Crawley Ashwagandha / Goliath / Justice Court / Leaving Zion / Red Daisy

Daniel M. Shapiro Clyde’s Other Work / De Monstris / Duet for Robot Tenor Saxophonist and Human Tenor Saxophonist in D Minor

Daniel Roy Connelly Marlene Dietrich is wearing your clitoris

Daniel Uncapher Shampoo

Daniel W. Thompson Words

Dan Nielsen Roller Skating in the Basement / The Attempted Kindess of Well-Meaning Strangers

Dan Tremaglio Wait, I Drank What?

Darci Schummer The Swan of Lake Eola

Darius Goore A Dog with Three Legs

David Byron Queen Dry

David Drury Sackcloth and Ashley

David Hansen A Small, Good Thing

David James Poissant Medusa in Orlando

David Joez Villaverde Panopticon

David S. Atkinson All I Wanted Was Coffee, but Van Gogh Had to Play His Little Game

Davis MacMillan A Shock

Dawn Miller At Fifteen

Deirdre Danklin Tortoises

Delvon T. Mattingly Diphenhydramine

Dennis Scott Herbert This is What you Wanted

Derick Dupre Mr. and Mrs. Krummholz

Devan Collins Del Conte How it is in Vico

Dev Murphy Screaming Story

Didi Wood Ruby / We Were All Having So Much Fun

Digby Beaumont Boris Is Alive and Working as a Piano Player at the Sun Moon Chinese Restaurant

Di Jayawickrema Kidding, Kidding / “Plucking Away”

Dominic Lim A Small Seed

Doris W. Cheng Snowcaps

Dorothy Rice Choke Point

Dylan Brie Ducey The Black Leather Pants


Eden Royce Zora Speaks

Edith Knight Magak Of Grand Buildings and Studio Apartments

Edvige Giunta Dorotea

Edward Hardy Apology #7: The Ottoman or I Feel Bad About Plaid

Eibhlinn McAleer Foot

Elaine Chiew The Boat / A Compendium of Chinese Ghosts, Part I and II / Stronger / Virtually, Yours: Reality

Eleanor Gallagher New York City, 2003

Elena M. Aponte Love Is Just a Sound

Elias Keller Shall I Compare Thee to a Wilted Rose?

Eli Barrett Winter Cleaning

Elizabeth Gibson The Tooth

Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom The Gospel According to Heather’s LiveJournal

Elizabeth Lovatt I Have My Mother’s Eyes

Elizabeth Morton 9×9, or how we sold toys at the end of the world

Elizabeth O’Brien Elegy with Recurring Hornet Nests

Elizabeth Ruth Deyro The Tale of the Fish

Ellen Rhudy Hostile Bodies

Ellie Gordon Negative Space

Eman Quotah The Comedian’s Incarceration, in Fifteen Jokes / Redacted from the Minutes of the Saudi Communist Party, Circa 1950s

Emi Benn The Book and the Baby / An Abbreviated Catalogue of Things Passed In and Out of One Vagina

Emily Clemente Grasshopper Boy

Emily James Corner Guys / sleep sounds

Emily Livingstone After the Vital Signs

Emily Weber The Booth

Emily Withnall The World Demands It

em jollie Blue Hour

Emma Brewer Don’t Forget to Be Afraid

Emma Sloley Jacks

Emma Stough Two Sues

Erica Jenks Henry Snake Hunter

Erica L. Williams A Day in the Life

Erica Peplin A Movie the Neighbors Could Watch

Eric Bosse Breathing In, I Calm My Body

Erin Murphy Vaughn

Eugenie Montague Fort

Eugenio Volpe The Many Ends of My Son #18

Evan Nicholls Dog Called Buffalo

Eva Wong Nava FamilyThe Old Guard and the Tailor

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow When It Gets Cold in the South, Only the Pumpernickel Survives / Cauliflower Is Just What Happens to Broccoli When It Dies


Frances Donnelly The Place

Francine Witte How to Teach Your Cat to Talk

Fred Miller Memorial Day

Fulla Abdul-Jabbar Fluorescence


Gary Moshimer Morty

Gary V. Powell Exotic / The Geometry of Desire / Waupun

Gay Degani Adult Education

Geet Chaturvedi (translated by Anita Gopalan) A Man in the Form of a Signature on the First Page of the Book

Genevieve Mills 10 Basic Safety Tips for Women

Geordie Williams Flantz Horses

Georgia Bellas Kollyva

Gerard McKeown How Do You Make Lady Gaga Cry?

Gershon Ben-Avraham Remembering Robert Angus McDavid

Geula Geurts Poet Suffers Stroke

Gillian O’Shaughnessy Starfish

Gillian Walker Alive in a Glass House

Gina Chung Beach Day

GJ Hart A Kind of Kind Thing to Do / Proportionate

Glen Pourciau Admit / Obliterate / Black-Eyed Peas / Leftover

Grace Campbell Shoot

Grace Loh Prasad Mooncake / Double Life

Grace Talusan Signs of Life

Guillermo Rebollo Gil The big dog

Guinotte Wise Thoughts that come in unbidden from the clouds while mowing pasture and spoken into a small recorder.


Hadiyyah Kuma Deep Fried Butter

Hana Mason Left-Hand Shake

Hanna Abi Akl Clogs

Hannah Gordon Better to Eat You With

Hannah Harlow Smolder

Hannah Ling Uncle Who Lives Alone

Hannah Seo I cut my hair

Harrison Geosits Peach Pit Mother

Harsimran Kaur But my English teacher said that summers are for exploring the warmth

Hasen Hull Simile

Hayleigh Santra And She Vanished

Heather Cripps Dark Larries

Heidi Heim The Worst Thing

Helen Armstrong infamous and detestable

Helen McClory Il Uomo Morto

Hilal Isler Goat, Everlasting

Hilary Leftwich Donor

Holly Pelesky Now That I’m Being Honest

Hope Henderson The Third Place

Hugh Behm-Steinberg Dictionary / Eels & Eels #2 / Goodwill / Parade & Bears / Horse


Ibtisaam first

Ifeoma Nnewuihe Something to Write Home About

Ingrid Jendrzejewski I Could Close My Eyes to Avoid Further Injury

Iris N. Schwartz Ever After / Nothern Manhattan (My Secret Life with Chris Noth)

Isaac Akanmu starbury


Jack C. Buck dear michigan / neighbors moving away

Jack Somers Vanishing Man / Bird Signs

Jacqueline Boucher 303 days before his suicide, Judge Haloran realizes he ought to have consulted an expert

Jacqueline Doyle The House on Cypress Street / Prayer to the Bearded Virgin Martyr: On Hieronymus Bosch’s St. Wilgefortis Triptych

Jacquelyn Bengfort A Habitable Place

Jade Braden Mousetrap

Jad Josey After the Fog Come the Hunters

James Claffey The Last Irishman to Walk on the Moon

James Hartman Flash Fiction

Jamie Tews Samples

Jan Elman Stout Pack Mentality

Jane Kim-Szpajda My Baby Has Been Calling the Psychic Hotline

Janelle Bassett Could Be

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella Ocean Songs for the Nursery / Pendulum Pastry

Jan Saenz Handlebars

Jan Stinchcomb Ashley’s Bracelet / Heroine Night

Jared Levy A Typical Fight

Jared Wolf Impact

Jasmine Sawers Mango Son Theen

Jason Christian Fidelity

Jason Marc Harris Fallen

Jaya Wagle Toba Tek Singh

Jay Merill Yes and Yet

Jayne S. Wilson Girl with All the Hands

Jay Ruben Dayrit Artifacts of War / Cold Storage Facility

J. Bradley Brick by Brick / Cumulus / The Human Bullet

Jeanne Jones The Evolution of the White Woman

J. Edward Kruft Communion / Nascent Players on a Lopsided Dock / Chris in Jeff / Me and Mrs., Mrs. Jones

Jemimah Wei nth state of matter

Jenessa Abrams When the Train Lurched

Jen Fawkes Breach

Jen Gayda Gupta Restlessness

Jen Julian Sister Johnson

Jen Michalski Ghosts

Jennifer Falkner The Zebra

Jennifer Fliss In Which Woody Allen Goes For a Pedicure / Maude’s Cards Against Humanity

Jennifer Harvey Melanzane al Forno

Jennifer Kircher Carr Bride 2

Jennifer L. Hollis How to Find the Perfect Rock

Jennifer Macbain-Stephens The Heifers

Jennifer Todhunter The Cartographer / The Shush of Blood Surfing Through Her Body

Jennifer Wortman Who(se) Are You

Jenn Stroud Rossman Don’t Shake Hands on the Bandstand

Jenny Fried Rooms in My Grandmother’s House

Jen Soong Altar of Mine / The Visitor

Jeremiah Tan Astrid Hulderbarn

Jeremy Pak Nelson Measure of Mountains

Jess Conway The Tenants Try to Cope

Jessica Cavero Whorl

Jessica Elliott On Offering Hope Through Silence

Jessica Lawson Rejected Feel-Good Essay Pitches for Melania Trump’s New Magazine for Modern Parents

Jessica Lee Richardson Your Mom

Jessica Roeder Parking

Jessy Randall Project Sexway / (w/ Briget Heidmous) – The Park is a Giant Octopus, Monsters May Lurk Here / (w/ Daniel M. Shapiro) – De Monstris

Jiaqi Kang The Buddha’s Fist / Cake shop

JJ Peña the theory of living

Joan Mazza Scars

Joe Bedford The Roadblock

Joe Kapitan Tiny Fake Us, Staring Out to Sea

Joely Dutton The Quickening

Johanna Dong How to Shoot Somebody Who Outdrew You

John Baum Therapy

John Meyers Checking Out

John Minichillo Dead Daddy Comes Home / Dog / The First Woman on Mars

Jonah Wu Fox Without Den

Jonathan Cardew Day Terrors / In Which Jabba the Hutt Stops By For a Coffee / Robocop Infinity – A fetus walks into a bar

Jonathan Phin Drown

Jon Berger American Motorcycle Sound Effects

Jose Hernandez Diaz The Skeleton at the Lake

Joseph Young Ash Wednesday / Rainbow Joke / Two Terrible Stories

Josey Rose Duncan What Your Drink Says About You

Jovan Popov-Albertson Neighbor

Jo Varnish Cuttings

Joy Guo Mao’s Egg Reform

Judyth Emanuel Wham Bam

Jules Chung Oranges / Castaways

Julia Cohen In 2019 You Can’t Slap My Face with My Face

Julia Strayer A Few Goats / Hello?

Julie Cadman-Kim Edna’s Boy

Julie C. Day Stone Memories

Julie Hall Not One Word

Julie Read Pollen Beetle


Kaj Tanaka How To Tell A Story

Kamil Ahsan A Game in Three Acts

Kangkang Kovacs Childhood Delicacy

Kara Oakleaf View of the End of the World from the Holiday Inn Express-Salina

Kara Vernor The Gingko

Karen E. Park You Can Walk to Church, Bitch

Kasịmma Jesus’ Yard

Kate Axelrod Can You Please Tell Me What This Is Actually About

Kat Gonso Cleveland, 2009

Katherine Forbes Riley Speaks My Language

Katherine Gleason When Roommates Surf

Kathryn Kulpa How to Find Your Way to Black Bread Lake / Jolene, Jolene / When God Closes a Door / The Day the Women Walked Away from Alabama

Kathryn McMahon Crocodile Wife / Dirty Red Questions / Bone China

Kathy Davis Pub Night

Kathy Fish Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild

Katrin Gibb Every Key

Kaylie Saidin West Portal Station

K.B. Carle Vagabond Mannequin / This Is a Story About a Fox

K.C. Mead-Brewer The Bomb

Kelsey Englert The Going

Kelsey Rexroat Diagnosis

Kelsie Hahn Offspring

Ken Cormier Watch

Kevin D. LeMaster At The Pinnacle of Merry-Go-Round and Gravel

Kevin Tosca The Hug / On the Nude Beach / This Is Why I Want to Die in the Woods (Literally or Metaphorically, I Don’t Give a Shit)

Kimberly Kaufman A McDonald’s in Aberdeen, Washington, 1998

Kim Chinquee Plagiarist / Psychiatrist / I Have Tools / Diamond District / Rape / Cherry / Fresh / I Already Was One / Anaphylaxis / Lick Your Wounds / Prince / After That He Drives Straight for a While

Kim Magowan Moving On / Ninth Stepping / (w/ Michelle Ross) Rearview / When Your Step 3 Dumps You 4 Days Before Junior Prom / My Husband the Movie Star

Kim Rooney (高小荣) Sitting in a café on a Monday morning

Kip Knott Ten First Impressions

Kira Jane Buxton Bookish Thing

Kirsten Clodfelter What to Do with the Worst Days

Kirsten Kaschock Dreamer / Dear Journo,

Kirsten Vail Aguilar Heat

K-Ming Chang Extinction / Asymmetry

Koji A. Dae Seven Steps to Reunite with Your Children when General Mutafchiiski Says to Stay Home

Kristina Ten Swell / Swollen

Kristin Bonilla In Transit and Disrepair

Krys Malcolm Belc Your Mother Is Telling a Story

KT Sparks Hardware  / Charlie Needs Teeth Out

Kyle Hemmings He Wore Anthrax like a Purple Heart / The House Between Timezones

Kyle T. Armstrong Nero Would Be Proud

Kyohnosuke Seaki Similar to Mescaline

Kyra Kondis How to Get By (While Your Partner is in Europe, on Work)


Laci Mosier The Morning After Halloween

LaRue Cook On the Wings of a Cormorant

Laura Solomon Old Hat / Those Left Behind

Laura Theis Imaginary Company

Laura Wang Homeostasis

Laurel Shimasaki Cake Face

Lauren Becker Take and Give

Lavanya Vasudevan So Pretty When She Smiled

Lee Hittner-Cunningham Me & KR in the Last Glorious Days of Her Boyhood

Lee Matalone Considering a Story Told by My Mother about a Patient

Leigh Camacho Rourks Forty Days After the First Explosions

Lena Valencia Disaster Movie

Leonora Desar Things You Need to Know About My Grandma

Lesley Finn Hurricane in the Mountains

Leslie Bohem Why John Lennon Had to Go

Letitia Trent The Brilliant Woman: A Fable

Leyna Krow The Pineapple Problem

Lila Rabinovich The Ages

Lillian Howan The Ancient Art of Brush Painting

Lillian Tsay The White Horse

Lincoln Michel Not Courteney Cox

Lisa de Nikolits Dream Sequence #35

Liz Alterman Where There’s Smoke…

L.L. Madrid Tiny Stitches

Lois Ruskai Melina Calculus for the Aging Consumer

Lori Sambol Brody I Want to Believe the Truth Is Out There / No Problems, No Problems

Lorna Rose Arizona

L Scully Love, in no particular order

L. Soviero Big Pa

Louis Wenzlow The Smorgasbord of Yum

Lucas Church Once we firmed up

Lucía Damacela Installation

Lucie Bonvalet The choice

Lucie Britsch How to fit it

Lucinda Kempe Breeding / Liars in Love / The Man Who Ate Cats / Preying

Lucy Durneen The Smallest of Things / What We Talk About When We Talk About Rockets in the Night

Lucy Zhang How do I get unlost on my own / Cracked

Lydia Copeland Gwyn My Body Feels Full of Stars

Lynn Mundell Sophia

Lynsey Morandin Life, Without


Madeline Anthes Duets / To Be Devoured

Madeline Gobbo Help a Hungry Goat

Maggie Timothy “Ada”

Malinda McCollum The End of the Day / The Problem

María Alejandra Barrios On January 18, there are still bombs / Black Cake

Marianne Villanueva A Prayer Answered

Maria Oluwabukola Oni Help from Diaspora

Maria Pinto Unsurprised on 11/9/16

Marie Biondolillo Ape 1 and Ape 2

Marie Gethins Ancillary Effects of Climate Change on a Rural Irish Community: Interview #GS443 / Coming Back to Bite You

Marisa Crane Beautiful and Sad

Mark Budman Ad Augusta per Augusta

Mark L. Keats A Great Fall

Marta Balcewicz For the Love of Music

Martin Heavisides Louis

Marvin Shackelford Great Secrets of an Unknowable Past Unfurled

Mary Akers Nude

Mary Hamilton Your friends are all plotting your destruction

Mary Lynn Reed Florida / North, South, East, West

Mary Reginato Hudson (c/o Christine Hudson) Papa’s Christmas Turkey

Mason Binkley Excerpts from the Diary of Matthew Ward

Matthew Fiander Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Matthew Mastricova Garçon

Matt McDonald Little Structures

Matt Weinkam Disease Complex

Maura Yzmore Her Hips Do Lie

Maureen Langloss God Submits / Pictures of Larry

Max Ildari Industry Types

Maz Do A Democratic Feast / The Shapes Behind My Eyes

Mazzy Sleep Another Person

Megan Pillow Davis In the In-Between

Meghan Kemp-Gee Another Visit from the Fox

Meghan Louise Wagner None of It Was Easy

Meghan Phillips She Feels Self-Conscious about Her Teeth / When You First Meet the Telepath

Meg Pokrass Mating / Therapy Cat / Stranded Sea Mammals

Meg Tuite The Sequential Mode of Existence

Melissa Benton Barker Mother

Melissa Goode It falls / No one is home / One more time / The Winged Lion / Lux Aeterna

Melissa Goodrich Subject left blank – are you sure you want to send this?

Melissa Hung The Aunties at the YMCA

Melissa Ragsly All You’ve Heard Is True

Mercedes Lucero Model Survivors

Meriwether Clarke What Hands Can Do

MFC Feeley Off to College

Mia Mishek DIY

Michael A. Chaney The Cat: “Bird’s Sweet!”

Michael Backus Falling at Fallingwater

Michael Chin The Arrival

Michael Loveday Prognosis

Michael Mungiello Basking, Gloating / Super-death

Michael Sarinsky Taki Tu’uhaho

Michele Finn Johnson Gravitational Waves

Michelle Elvy Fish Forever

Michelle Orabona Creative Non-Fiction

Michelle Raji I Will Put My Anchor Here

Michelle Ross Accomplice or Hostage / Tobe’s Baby / (w/Kim Magowan) Rearview / Manhandle

Mike Dressel Triple Threat

Mike Nagel Blue Laws / Consumer Value Store

Mildred H. Joburg’s a Bad Idea

Mileva Anastasiadou The perks of being a fake friend

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois Anniversary

M.J. Iuppa Stealing, Freely & Burgers and Pies / Without a Trace

Molia Dumbleton At Tommy Rune’s

Molly Gabriel XO Training

Molly Miller Boobs

Monet Patrice Thomas Elementary

Myfanwy Collins Euthanasia

Myles McDonough Midway on the Line


Nadia Born Seeds Grow in the Dark

Nancy Au Kintsugi

Nancy Freund Repeat-After-Me

Nancy Ludmerer Hal’s Sleep Showroom

Nancy Nguyen Mermaids

Nancy Stohlman Missing

Natalie Dunn My Parents Are Getting Older I’m Starting to Notice

Natalie Wang Love Story as Told in Fanfiction Tropes

Nathaniel Tower A Boy and His Couch

Nathan Willis Wellness Check

Nedjelko Spaich Significant Death Loss Required

Neil Clark Alfred Untold

N.E. Matin On the Ground

Nhung An Petrichor

Nick Black The Night We Drove Old Terry Down

Nicholas Cook An Introduction to Meteorites

Nickie Shobeiry Bottle Black

Nicole Baute Sliced: A Retrospective

Nicole Callihan An Intrusion of Alliums

Nicole Oquendo On Mouths

Nicole Simonsen A Conversation

Nicole VanderLinden Listen

Nicole Zhu Keeping Tabs

Nikki Donadio The Hug Machine

Nikoletta Gjoni A Stubborn Woman Gives Nothing

Noa Covo Hunger

Noa Sivan Mister Potato Head / No big movements / Plaza Trinidad / The Chinese Box / We Inherit Our Grandmothers’ Traumas as Well as Their Eyes  Microfictions: Straightening Lines, Fucking Tel Aviv, Thumb War, All right, Semantic Satiation, Space, Jellyfish

Noemi Martinez Miranda Mendoza and Leticia Mejía

Nuala O’Connor The Day Léopoldine Hugo Was Lost


Olivia Dunn Understanding Picasso & “It Is an Experience”

Omar Hussain What You Learn Along the Way

Ophira Gottlieb An Experiment in Things that Come Out of Nowhere


Patricia Fuentes Burns Play with Me

Patricia Quintana Bidar Very Small Harem

Paul Beckman Dental Floss Debate: Good vs. Not So Good / Five Minutes Can Make a Difference

Paul Crenshaw Abracadabra / Teaching My Daughter to Drive

Paul Negri Waiting Our Turn

Paul Rousseau Dirt

Pearse Anderson Urban Decay

Penn Kemp Cat a Gory

Peter Grimes Bicentennial

Pete Segall Occupational Hazards

Pip Robertson Fault

Ploi Pirapokin Squidgate

Poonam Srivastava Where Here Is


Quinn Forlini Unfilmable Film with God

Quinn Lui some kind of codependency


Rachel Chen Funeral for the Ordinary Dead During a Pandemic

Rachel Lyon I’m Only Telling You So You’ll Know

Rachel Wagner Repeat visitor

Raksha Vasudevan New World Economics

Randall Brown Disintegration

Rashi Rohatgi the lion in k’s garden

Ravibala Shenoy The Accident / Kyoto Karma

Ray Scanlon Gold Watch

Rebecca Ackermann Bodies and bodies of water

Rebecca Entel After I See Her Heart

Rebecca Fishow The Cyclops Has His Reasons / Three Monsters

Rebecca Harrison The Lockets

Rebecca Orchard A Goose Mistakes a Solar Farm for a Lake

Rebecca van Laer Marlowe

Rebekah Bergman Boyfriend on Main Street

Redfern Jon Barrett Nice Men

Rhiannon Cousins The Truth About Loneliness

Richard Mark Glover Nothing Really Ordinary

Rina Olsen A Retelling of the Parable of the Two Sons

Robert Hilles The Hurry

Robert Long Foreman Dump Truck

Robert P. Kaye Little Trees and Paper Lanterns

Robin Anna Smith Reap

Roger Meachem Galileo’s Other Job

Roman James Hoffman The Sound that Angry Angels Make

Ron Burch I Miss You When You’re Around

Rosaleen Lynch Submarine

Rose Andersen In Memory Of

Roy Kamada Grey Matter

Rozz Lewis Fried Breakfast

Ruth Ducaso (Luciany Aparecida) What Males Want

Ruth Joffre Firsts

Ryan & Christy Call What Causes Hailstones?

Ryan Jory A Basic Foundation for Riley

Ryan Lee Liu Drift On, the Hours


Sacha Bissonnette The Magician

Sadiq Jaffery Baby Steps

Sakena Jwan Washington The Blood Remains

S.A. Leavesley Atlased

Samantha Steiner Gag Exhibition

Samantha Xiao Cody Ravenous

Sandra Arnold Derived from the Latin Meaning Happiness / Grave Concerns

Santino Prinzi Upon Discovering that Cows Can Swim

Sara Crowley Appearances

Sarah Beaudette Tie Her Around Your Neck

Sarah Broderick After the Revelers Depart

Sarah Freligh The Last Christmas

Sarah Rebecca Kersley (translating Ruth Ducaso (Luciany Aparecida)) What Males Want

Sara Henry Paolozzi Vernon and James

Sara Lippmann Hey, Baby

Sasha Graybosch Serving the Ghost

Savannah Slone June 2002

Scott Ray Who Could Say to What Degree I Hold Myself Responsible

Sean Crawley No Number

Sean Daly Community Service / Words

Sean Ennis Lake Enid Idyll

Sean Gill The Naked Foundation

Selena Casha Confessions

Shane Cashman Sherry Lost a Knee and a Hip and a Hand to a Horse

Shane Kowalski This Is About a Gerbil and Nothing Else

Shanna Yetman Mother Earth

Shannon McLeod Pervert

Sharon Bippus This Blue Earth

Sharon Goldberg Compulsion

Shasta Grant Cross Your Heart

Shawn McClure The Gap

Sheldon Lee Compton After a Certain Point, You’ve Got to Name the Bird / Lead Like Moses

Shome Dasgupta The Learning Game

Shivani Mutneja Ugly Husband

Siân Griffiths Wonder Woman

Siddhartha Gigoo Seven Nights of Longing

Simon Barker Rothko

Simon Pinkerton Even a tiny footprint is too big

Simon Sylvester Murmurations

Siobhan Welch Mid Shift at La Fiesta with the Texas Teacakes Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Sionnain Buckley Green Bananas

SJ Han Kkwabaegi

Sona Maniar In Search of a Beginning

Sophia Joan Grilled Cheese Fantasy

Stacy Trautwein Burns Where Life Begins

Star Su Excerpt from the History of Clocks

Stefanie Freele The Consultant

Stephanie Austin Stray

Steve Adams Give Me a Hug

Steve Bogdaniec Huey Lewis and No News

Steve Chang In Another Life I Used to Be a Dog

Steve Cushman Burying the Bird

Steve Edwards What He Has Learned to Do

Steve Sibra Frank Wakes Up / Karamazov by the End of the Year

Steven Grassel River Lake

Steven Moss Why Does Earth Sparkle So Much?

Stuart Greenhouse Bulbs

Subashini Navaratnam Experimental Woman

Sudha Balagopal Supernatural / Timbre and Tone / Matter in Water

Sue Mell Candy, Candy, Candy

Susannah Maltz Peony

Susan Tepper Breasts / Slicer / The Actor / Your Sheets Don’t Smell Good

Sutton Strother Two Women Meeting

Svani Parekh Soulsmithery

Sydney S. Kim Shedding Velvet


Tara Campbell You, Commuter / Firehawk Lullaby / Big Bird / Loss Loop / In the City of Screaming Ropes

Tara Isabel Zambrano The sea within / A brief progression of natural disasters / OB-GYNs I loved (in random order) *

Tara Laskowski Coal Girl

Tara Lemma When it Happens

Tara Stillions Whitehead It Never Gets Dark

Tariq al Haydar Dominion

Taylor Byas Forever 21

Taylor Kirby Eulogy

TD Storm Neglected

T. E. Cowell R.I.P. My Blue Hoody

Teresa Stenson Jacob Sits With Tina

Terri Jane Dow Clockwork

Tess Allard Wolf Girl

Thaddeus Rutkowski Slip of a Knife / The Fear

Theo Greenblatt Triumph

Thomas Centolella Heraclitus

Thomas Kearnes Berlin / Listen

Thomas O’Connell Gifts / What Are the Odds?

Tiffany Osedra Miller Nights of Juanita

Tim Fitts Sugar

Tim Love My love it is a red, red rose

Timothy Day The Melamorphosis

TJ Fuller Soon / Hotel Sex

T. L. Sherwood It Only Hurts When I Smile / Pretty Changes

Todd Dillard Myth with Furry Orgy in an Abandoned Warehouse Broken Up by the Cops

Todd Robert Petersen Unrequited

Tom McAllister 2010

Tom Weller R.J. Becomes a Piston

Tori Rego The Formation of Hurricanes

Tracy Lynne Oliver Salt



Umaima Munir Mouths of Brown Girls


Valerie Hegarty Lost and Found

Valerie Maloof Six Months Pregnant

Vallie Lynn Watson It Leaves No Shadows

V. Ruiz Touch

Victoria Briggs Weepers

Victoria Buitron The First Test

Victoria Richards Then there you are

Vincent Louis Carrella The Agabus

Vineetha Mokkil The Owl on My Shoulder

Virgie Townsend I Swallowed the Whale Before It Could Swallow Me


Walt Peterson Pact

Wei Ting Omakase

Wendy BooydeGraaff Gun Republic

Wesley O. Cohen The Ghost Story

Will Donnelly A Silent Flash of Cold White Light

William R. Soldan South of Nogales


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Yardenne Greenspan (translating Noa Sivan’s microfictions) Straightening Lines, Fucking Tel Aviv, Thumb War, All right, Semantic Satiation, Space, Jellyfish

Yasmina Din Madden These Hands

Ysabelle Cheung Ex / Re / Patriate / Another World

Yvette Lisa Ndlovu Turtle Heart


Zach Powers A Study in Misunderstanding

Zac Smith The Lord of the Beasts

Zoe Goldstein Eric

Zoë Ingrid Petersen Unrequited

Z.Z. Boone Moonless


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