Aaron Burch – No Longer There

Abha Iyengar – Deception

Adetomiwa Victor Owoseni – An Unspoken Exchange

Ahimaz Rajessh – All Eggs, No Birds /  Bridges / A Murder of Cows

AJ Atwater – No One

Ajay Patri – A Song for the Monsters

A. J. Huffman – Postmortem Instructions

Alejandro Pérez – Tío

Alexandra M. Matthews – Overripe

Alex DiFrancesco – The Apartment Building

Aleyna Rentz – The Color of Dead Things

Alice Hatcher – A Tenderness Rarely Seen

Alina Stefanescu – Letter to a Midwestern Artist

Al Kratz – It’s been a Long Time since I’ve Rock and Rolled

Allen M. Price – Screen Memory 1: “Your Father’s Got Hemorrhoids”

Allie Marini – I endured it. It was fine

Allison Wyss – The Pool and the Body Parts

Alva Holland – I Asked for Yellow Balloons

Alvarado O’Brien – Three Conversations

Alys Jackson – The Utter Absence of Everything

Alyssa Greene – Anatomy of a Haunting

Amanda Huggins – Blood Red

Amber Nicole Brooks – Imprint

Amelia Langford – Dinosaur Suit

Amy Rossi – If You Need Me, I’ll Be Over Here Marking My Life in Bob Seger Songs

Andrea Jarrell – On the road to Zion, my father behind the wheel

Andrea Rinard – The Morning After

Andrew Stancek – Bara

Andrew Wehmann – Little Sure Shot

Anna Cabe – See Me

Anna Lea Jancewicz – The Rabbits of the Underworld Find Innovation Distasteful

Anna Potter – Lola in Arms

Anne Doten – Little Deaths

Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber – Charybdis / Eight / F. Scott, Remember Me / Joseph Conrad Took Twenty-Five Years to Bust My Balls, That Twit / Hard Pressed from: Illusions Perdue

Anne O’Leary – You Will

Anne Rasmussen – Apology

Anne Summerfield – Jokes and Lies

Angela Readman – Improbable Cures for Insomnia

Ann Hillesland – Listen to Me

Anthony Cordello – Salts in the Brain

Antoine Bargel – The Definition of Insanity 2

Anu Kandikuppa – Pink Beach

Archana Sridhar – Rechargeable Moons

Ashley Hutson – Disbelief

Ashley Lopez – This Side of the Fjord

Ashton Carlile – Gummy

Aube Rey Lescure – Sicily in Three Acts

Aubrey Hirsch – Bad Boys

Avital Gad-Cykman – Clean


Barbara O’Donnell – New Friend

Barrett Bowlin – Neighbors

Barrett Travis – Animal Control

Becca Borawski Jenkins – Singed by the Fire of a Thousand Dreams

Ben Niespodziany – The Parish

Ben Slotky – Spark and Flink

Bethany Laurell – Crickets

Beth Gilstrap – Earth Eating as Suppressant

Beverly A. Jackson – Dusty Hoffman Isn’t Greek / I Remember / Kickin’ Bossa Nova / The Rapture

Bix Gabriel – Not a Bar Story

Bobbi Lurie – The Wisdom of Lying

Brendan Zietsch – Tuesdays at the Table

Brianna McNish – “As Seen on TV”

Brianne M. Kohl – When She Met Him

Briget Heidmous (w/ Jessy Randall) – The Park is a Giant OctopusMonsters May Lurk Here

Britina Cheng – Tinder Brunch

Bud Smith – Fentanyl

Bunkong Tuon – Cambodian Man Wandering the Streets of Long Beach


Caitlin Barasch – Deviations

Camille Clarke – Open Wide

Cara Benson – Situations in Which Groping Is an Appropriate Response

Carlotta Eden – Words Your Boyfriends Call Your Pussy

Caroline Fairey – Vacation

Caroline Kim – Older Women

Carolyn Oliver – Cherry Season

Catfish McDaris – Lala / The Matador

Catherine McNamara – Slaughter of the Innocents / Trionfo di Pesce

Cathy Ulrich – These Clouds Are Not the Same Clouds; This Sky Is Not the Same Sky / Ghost Among GhostsWhen the Children Return

Catriona O’Rourke – The Night We Didn’t See the Moon

C. C. Russell – How It Begins

Cezarija Abartis – Sleeping Beauty Is a Bad Girl

Chad Miller – Husband in the Ear

Charles Lennox – Dog Story

Chauna Craig – The Open Door

Chaya Bhuvaneswar – The Glenohumeral Joint

Chelsea Ruxer – Enamel

Chelsea Stickle – Coming of Age

Chelsea Voulgares – Volcano

Cheyenne Nimes – At The Mirage

Chloe N. Clark – The Intimacy of Objects / They Are Coming for You, So You Better Run, You Better Run, So You Can Hide

Chloe Yelena Miller – There Are Things We Can’t Say

Chris Haven – Someday I’ll Love Chris Haven

Chris Milam – Driftwood

Chris Shorne – Vocab Lessons

Christina Murphy – Our Story

Christine Taylor – Landscape with Wild Dogs

Christopher Allen – The Microbiology of Laiq

Christopher DeWan – Unattended

Christopher Murphy – Roscoe

Christopher Stanley – Lincoln in New York

Christy & Ryan Call – What Causes Hailstones?

Claire Guyton – The Hostile Truth

Claire Hopple – Flat Earth / Monitor

Claire Lobenfeld – Everyone Has Their Role in a Fight

Claire Polders – Brunch / The Next

Clio Velentza – Ursa Major

Colleen Kearney Rich – Personal Effects

Colleen Rothman – The Takeover

Courtney Young – Two

Craig Burnett – Economics (spitting)


Damhnait Monaghan – The Neverlands

Dana Diehl – My Ulcer

Dan Crawley – Goliath / Justice Court / Leaving Zion

Daniel M. Shapiro – Clyde’s Other Work / (w/ Jessy Randall) – De Monstris / Duet for Robot Tenor Saxophonist and Human Tenor Saxophonist in D Minor

Daniel Roy Connelly – Marlene Dietrich is wearing your clitoris

Daniel Uncapher – Shampoo

Daniel W. Thompson – Words

Dan Nielsen – Roller Skating in the Basement / The Attempted Kindess of Well-Meaning Strangers

Dan Tremaglio – Wait, I Drank What?

David Byron Queen – Dry

David Drury – Sackcloth and Ashley

David James Poissant – Medusa in Orlando

David Joez Villaverde – Panopticon

David S. Atkinson – All I Wanted Was Coffee, but Van Gogh Had to Play His Little Game

Delvon T. Mattingly – Diphenhydramine

Dennis Scott Herbert – This is What you Wanted

Derick Dupre – Mr. and Mrs. Krummholz

Devan Collins Del Conte – How it is in Vico

Dev Murphy – Screaming Story

Didi Wood – Ruby

Digby Beaumont – Boris Is Alive and Working as a Piano Player at the Sun Moon Chinese Restaurant

Dominic Lim – A Small Seed

Dorothy Rice – Choke Point

Dylan Brie Ducey – The Black Leather Pants


Edward Hardy – Apology #7: The Ottoman or I Feel Bad About Plaid

Eibhlinn McAleer – Foot

Elaine Chiew – The Boat / A Compendium of Chinese Ghosts, Part I and II / Stronger / Virtually, Yours: Reality

Eleanor Gallagher – New York City, 2003

Elena M. Aponte – Love Is Just a Sound

Elias Keller – Shall I Compare Thee to a Wilted Rose?

Eli Barrett – Winter Cleaning

Elizabeth Gibson – The Tooth

Elizabeth Lovatt – I Have My Mother’s Eyes

Elizabeth Morton – 9×9, or how we sold toys at the end of the world

Elizabeth O’Brien – Elegy with Recurring Hornet Nests

Elizabeth Ruth Deyro – The Tale of the Fish

Ellen Rhudy – Hostile Bodies

Emi Benn – The Book and the Baby / An Abbreviated Catalogue of Things Passed In and Out of One Vagina

Emily Livingstone – After the Vital Signs

em jollie – Blue Hour

Emma Brewer – Don’t Forget to Be Afraid

Emma Sloley – Jacks

Emma Stough – Two Sues

Erica Peplin – A Movie the Neighbors Could Watch

Eric Bosse – Breathing In, I Calm My Body

Erin Murphy – Vaughn

Eugenie Montague – Fort

Eugenio Volpe – The Many Ends of My Son #18

Evan Nicholls – Dog Called Buffalo

Eva Wong Nava – Family – The Old Guard and the Tailor

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow – When It Gets Cold in the South, Only the Pumpernickel Survives


Frances Donnelly – The Place

Francine Witte – How to Teach Your Cat to Talk

Fred Miller – Memorial Day


Gary Moshimer – Morty

Gary V. Powell – Exotic / The Geometry of Desire / Waupun

Gay Degani – Adult Education

Genevieve Mills – 10 Basic Safety Tips for Women

Geordie Willliams Flantz – Horses

Georgia Bellas – Kollyva

Gerard McKeown – How Do You Make Lady Gaga Cry?

Gershon Ben-Avraham – Remembering Robert Angus McDavid

Geula Geurts – Poet Suffers Stroke

Gillian Walker – Alive in a Glass House

GJ Hart – A Kind of Kind Thing to Do / Proportionate

Glen Pourciau – Admit / Obliterate

Grace Campbell – Shoot

Grace Loh Prasad – Mooncake


Hadiyyah Kuma – Deep Fried Butter

Hana Mason – Left-Hand Shake

Hannah Gordon – Better to Eat You With

Hannah Harlow – Smolder

Hannah Seo – I cut my hair

Harrison Geosits – Peach Pit Mother

Hayleigh Santra – And She Vanished

Heidi Heim – The Worst Thing

Helen McClory – Il Uomo Morto

Hillary Leftwich – Donor

Holly Pelesky – Now That I’m Being Honest

Hope Henderson – The Third Place

Hugh Behm-Steinberg – Dictionary / Eels & Eels #2 / Goodwill / Parade & Bears / Horse


Ifeoma Nnewuihe- Something to Write Home About

Ingrid Jendrzejewski – I Could Close My Eyes to Avoid Further Injury

Iris N. Schwartz – Ever After / Nothern Manhattan (My Secret Life with Chris Noth)


Jack C. Buck – dear michigan

Jack Somers – Vanishing Man

Jacqueline Boucher – 303 days before his suicide, Judge Haloran realizes he ought to have consulted an expert

Jacqueline Doyle – The House on Cypress Street / Prayer to the Bearded Virgin Martyr: On Hieronymus Bosch’s St. Wilgefortis Triptych

Jacquelyn Bengfort – A Habitable Place

Jad Josey – After the Fog Come the Hunters

James Claffey – The Last Irishman to Walk on the Moon

James Hartman – Flash Fiction

Jan Elman Stout – Pack Mentality

Jane Kim-Szpajda – My Baby Has Been Calling the Psychic Hotline

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella – Ocean Songs for the Nursery / Pendulum Pastry

Jan Saenz – Handlebars

Jan Stinchcomb – Ashley’s Bracelet / Heroine Night

Jared Wolf – Impact

Jason Christian – Fidelity

Jason Marc Harris – Fallen

Jay Merill – Yes and Yet

Jayne S. Wilson – Girl with All the Hands

Jay Ruben Dayrit – Artifacts of War

J. Bradley – Brick by Brick / Cumulus / The Human Bullet

Jeanne Jones – The Evolution of the White Woman

J. Edward Kruft – Communion / Nascent Players on a Lopsided Dock / Chris in Jeff

Jenessa Abrams – When the Train Lurched

Jen Julian – Sister Johnson

Jen Michalski – Ghosts

Jennifer Falkner – The Zebra

Jennifer Fliss – In Which Woody Allen Goes For a Pedicure / Maude’s Cards Against Humanity

Jennifer Harvey – Melanzane al Forno

Jennifer Kircher Carr – Bride 2

Jennifer Macbain-Stephens – The Heifers

Jennifer Todhunter – The Cartographer / The Shush of Blood Surfing Through Her Body

Jennifer Wortman – Who(se) Are You

Jenn Stroud Rossmann – Don’t Shake Hands on the Bandstand

Jenny Fried – Rooms in My Grandmother’s House

Jeremiah Tan – Astrid Hulderbarn

Jess Conway – The Tenants Try to Cope

Jessica Cavero – Whorl

Jessica Elliott – On Offering Hope Through Silence

Jessica Lee Richardson – Your Mom

Jessica Roeder – Parking

Jessy Randall – Project Sexway / (w/ Briget Heidmous) – The Park is a Giant Octopus, Monsters May Lurk Here / (w/ Daniel M. Shapiro) – De Monstris

Joan Mazza – Scars

Joe Bedford – The Roadblock

Joe Kapitan – Tiny Fake Us, Staring Out to Sea

Joely Dutton – The Quickening

Johanna Dong – How to Shoot Somebody Who Outdrew You

John Baum – Therapy

John Meyers – Checking Out

John Minichillo – Dead Daddy Comes Home / Dog / The First Woman on Mars

Jonathan Cardew – Day Terrors / In Which Jabba the Hutt Stops By For a Coffee / Robocop Infinity – A fetus walks into a bar

Jonathan Phin – Drown

Jon Berger – American Motorcycle Sound Effects

Joseph Young – Ash Wednesday / Rainbow Joke / Two Terrible Stories

Josey Rose Duncan – What Your Drink Says About You

Jovan Popov-Albertson – Neighbor

Judyth Emanuel – Wham Bam

Julia Cohen – In 2019 You Can’t Slap My Face with My Face

Julia Strayer – A Few Goats

Julie C. Day – Stone Memories

Julie Hall – Not One Word

Julie Rea – Pollen Beetle


Kaj Tanaka – How To Tell A Story

Kamil Ahsan – A Game in Three Acts

Kara Oakleaf – View of the End of the World from the Holiday Inn Express-Salina

Kate Axelrod – Can You Please Tell Me What This Is Actually About

Kat Gonso – Cleveland, 2009

Katherine Forbes Riley – Speaks My Language

Katherine Gleason – When Roommates Surf

Kathryn Kulpa – How to Find Your Way to Black Bread Lake / Jolene, Jolene / When God Closes a Door / The Day the Women Walked Away from Alabama

Kathryn McMahon – Crocodile Wife / Dirty Red Questions / Bone China

Kathy Fish – Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild

Katrin Gibb – Every Key

Kaylie Saidin – West Portal Station

K.B. Carle – Vagabond Mannequin

K.C. Mead-Brewer – The Bomb

Kelsey Englert – The Going

Kelsie Hahn – Offspring

Ken Cormier – Watch

Kevin D. LeMaster – At The Pinnacle of Merry-Go-Round and Gravel

Kevin Tosca – The Hug / On the Nude Beach / This Is Why I Want to Die in the Woods (Literally or Metaphorically, I Don’t Give a Shit)

Kimberly Kaufman – A McDonald’s in Aberdeen, Washington, 1998

Kim Chinquee – Plagiarist / Psychiatrist / I Have Tools / Diamond District / Rape / Cherry / Fresh / I Already Was One / Anaphylaxis / Lick Your Wounds / Prince / After That He Drives Straight for a While

Kim Magowan – Moving On / Ninth Stepping / (w/ Michelle Ross) Rearview / When Your Step 3 Dumps You 4 Days Before Junior Prom

Kira Jane Buxton – Bookish Thing

Kirsten Clodfelter – What to Do with the Worst Days

Kirsten Kaschock – Dreamer / Dear Journo,

Kristina Ten – Swell / Swollen

Kristin Bonilla – In Transit and Disrepair

Krys Malcolm Belc – Your Mother Is Telling a Story

KT Sparks – Hardware

Kyle Hemmings – He Wore Anthrax like a Purple Heart / The House Between Timezones

Kyra Kondis – How to Get By (While Your Partner is in Europe, on Work)


LaRue Cook – On the Wings of a Cormorant

Laura Solomon – Old Hat / Those Left Behind

Lauren Becker – Take and Give

Lavanya Vasudevan – So Pretty When She Smiled

Lee Matalone – Considering a Story Told by My Mother about a Patient

Leigh Camacho Rourks – Forty Days After the First Explosions

Leonora Desar – Things You Need to Know About My Grandma

Lesley Finn – Hurricane in the Mountains

Leslie Bohem – Why John Lennon Had to Go

Letitia Trent – The Brilliant Woman: A Fable

Lila Rabinovich – The Ages

Lillian Howan – The Ancient Art of Brush Painting

Lincoln Michel – Not Courteney Cox

Lisa de Nikolits – Dream Sequence #35

L.L. Madrid – Tiny Stitches

Lori Sambol Brody – I Want to Believe the Truth Is Out There / No Problems, No Problems

Lorna Rose – Arizona

Louis Wenzlow – The Smorgasbord of Yum

Lucas Church – Once we firmed up

Lucía Damacela – Installation

Lucie Britsch – How to fit it

Lucinda Kempe – Breeding / Liars in Love / The Man Who Ate Cats / Preying

Lucy Durneen – The Smallest of Things / What We Talk About When We Talk About Rockets in the Night

Lydia Copeland Gwyn – My Body Feels Full of Stars

Lynn Mundell – Sophia

Lynsey Morandin – Life, Without


Madeline Anthes – Duets / To Be Devoured

Madeline Gobbo – Help a Hungry Goat

Maria Alejandra Barrios – On January 18, there are still bombs

Maria Oluwabukola Oni – Help from Diaspora

Maria Pinto – Unsurprised on 11/9/16

Marie Gethins – Ancillary Effects of Climate Change on a Rural Irish Community: Interview #GS443 / Coming Back to Bite You

Marisa Crane – Beautiful and Sad

Mark Budman – Ad Augusta per Augusta

Mark L. Keats – A Great Fall

Marta Balcewicz – For the Love of Music

Martin Heavisides – Louis

Marvin Shackelford – Great Secrets of an Unknowable Past Unfurled

Mary Akers – Nude

Mary Hamilton – Your friends are all plotting your destruction

Mary Lynn Reed – Florida / North, South, East, West

Mason Binkley – Excerpts from the Diary of Matthew Ward

Matthew Fiander – Exit, Pursued by a Bear

Matthew Mastricova – Garçon

Matt McDonald – Little Structures

Matt Weinkam – Disease Complex

Maura Yzmore – Her Hips Do Lie

Maureen Langloss – God Submits / Pictures of Larry

Max Ildari – Industry Types

Maz Do – A Democratic Feast

Megan Pillow Davis – In the In-Between

Meghan Louise Wagner – None of It Was Easy

Meghan Phillips – She Feels Self-Conscious about Her Teeth / When You First Meet the Telepath

Meg Pokrass – Mating / Therapy Cat / Stranded Sea Mammals

Meg Tuite – The Sequential Mode of Existence

Melissa Benton Barker – Mother

Melissa Goode – It falls / No one is home / One more time

Melissa Goodrich – Subject left blank – are you sure you want to send this?

Melissa Ragsly – All You’ve Heard Is True

Mercedes Lucero – Model Survivors

MFC Feeley – Off to College

Michael A. Chaney – The Cat: “Bird’s Sweet!”

Michael Backus – Falling at Fallingwater

Michael Chin – The Arrival

Michael Loveday – Prognosis

Michael Mungiello – Basking, Gloating / Super-death

Michael Sarinsky – Taki Tu’uhaho

Michele Finn Johnson – Gravitational Waves

Michelle Elvy – Fish Forever

Michelle Ross – Accomplice or Hostage / Tobe’s Baby / (w/Kim Magowan) Rearview / Manhandle

Mike Dressel – Triple Threat

Mike Nagel – Blue Laws

Mildred H. – Joburg’s a Bad Idea

Mileva Anastasiadou – The perks of being a fake friend

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois – Anniversary

M.J. Iuppa – Stealing, Freely & Burgers and Pies / Without a Trace

Molia Dumbleton – At Tommy Rune’s

Monet Patrice Thomas – Elementary

Myfanwy Collins – Euthanasia

Myles McDonough – Midway on the Line


Nancy Au – Kintsugi

Nancy Stohlman – Missing

Nathaniel Tower – A Boy and His Couch

Nathan Willis – Wellness Check

Nedjelko Spaich – Significant Death Loss Required

N.E. Matin – On the Ground

Nick Black – The Night We Drove Old Terry Down

Nicholas Cook – An Introduction to Meteorites

Nickie Shobeiry – Bottle Black

Nicole Baute – Sliced: A Retrospective

Nicole Simonsen – A Conversation

Nikki Donadio – The Hug Machine

Noa Sivan – Mister Potato Head / No big movements / Plaza Trinidad / The Chinese Box / We Inherit Our Grandmothers’ Traumas as Well as Their Eyes

Noa Sivan Microfictions – Straightening Lines, Fucking Tel Aviv, Thumb War, All right, Semantic Satiation, Space, Jellyfish

Noemi Martinez- Miranda Mendoza and Leticia Mejía

Nuala O’Connor – The Day Léopoldine Hugo Was Lost


Olivia Dunn – Understanding Picasso & “It Is an Experience”


Patricia Fuentes Burns – Play with Me

Patricia Quintana Bidar – A Very Small Harem

Paul Beckman – Dental Floss Debate: Good vs. Not So Good / Five Minutes Can Make a Difference

Paul Crenshaw – Abracadabra / Teaching My Daughter to Drive

Paul Negri – Waiting Our Turn

Pearse Anderson – Urban Decay

Penn Kemp – Cat a Gory

Peter Grimes – Bicentennial

Pete Segall – Occupational Hazards

Poonam Srivastava – Where Here Is


Quinn Lui – some kind of codependency


Rachel Lyon – I’m Only Telling You So You’ll Know

Rachel Wagner – Repeat visitor

Raksha Vasudevan – New World Economics

Randall Brown – Disintegration

Ravibala Shenoy – The Accident / Kyoto Karma

Ray Scanlon – Gold Watch

Rebecca Fishow – The Cyclops Has His Reasons / Three Monsters

Rebecca Harrison – The Lockets

Rebecca van Laer – Marlowe

Redfern Jon Barrett – Nice Men

Rhiannon Cousins – The Truth About Loneliness

Richard Mark Glover – Nothing Really Ordinary

Robert Hilles – The Hurry

Robert Long Foreman – Dump Truck

Robert P. Kaye – Little Trees and Paper Lanterns

Robin Anna Smith – Reap

Roger Meachem – Galileo’s Other Job

Roman James Hoffman – The Sound that Angry Angels Make

Ron Burch – I Miss You When You’re Around

Rose Andersen – In Memory Of

Rozz Lewis – Fried Breakfast

Ruth Joffre – Firsts

Ryan & Christy Call – What Causes Hailstones?

Ryan Jory – A Basic Foundation for Riley

Ryan Lee Liu – Drift On, the Hours


Sadiq Jaffery – Baby Steps

S.A. Leavesley – Atlased

Sandra Arnold – Derived from the Latin Meaning Happiness / Grave Concerns

Santino Prinzi – Upon Discovering that Cows Can Swim

Sara Crowley – Appearances

Sarah Beaudette – Tie Her Around Your Neck

Sarah Broderick – After the Revelers Depart

Sarah Freligh – The Last Christmas

Sara Lippmann – Hey, Baby

Scott Ray – Who Could Say to What Degree I Hold Myself Responsible

Sean Crawley – No Number

Sean Daly – Community Service / Words

Sean Gill – The Naked Foundation

Selena Casha – Confessions

Shanna Yetman – Mother Earth

Shannon McLeod – Pervert

Sharon Bippus – This Blue Earth

Shasta Grant – Cross Your Heart

Shawn McClure – The Gap

Sheldon Lee Compton – After a Certain Point, You’ve Got to Name the Bird / Lead Like Moses

Shivani Mutneja – Ugly Husband

Siân Griffiths – Wonder Woman

Siddhartha Gigoo – Seven Nights of Longing

Simon Barker – Rothko

Simon Pinkerton – Even a tiny footprint is too big

Simon Sylvester – Murmurations

Siobhan Welch – Mid Shift at La Fiesta with the Texas Teacakes Chapter of the Red Hat Society

Sionnain Buckley – Green Bananas

Sona Maniar – In Search of a Beginning

Stacy Trautwein Burns – Where Life Begins

Stefanie Freele – The Consultant

Stephanie Austin – Stray

Steve Adams – Give Me a Hug

Steve Bogdaniec – Huey Lewis and No News

Steve Chang – In Another Life I Used to Be a Dog

Steve Cushman – Burying the Bird

Steve Edwards – What He Has Learned to Do

Steve Sibra – Frank Wakes Up / Karamazov by the End of the Year

Steven Grassel – River Lake

Steven Moss – Why Does Earth Sparkle So Much?

Stuart Greenhouse – Bulbs

Subashini Navaratnam – Experimental Woman

Sudha Balagopal – Supernatural / Timbre and Tone / Matter in Water

Sue Mell – Candy, Candy, Candy

Susan Tepper – Breasts / Slicer / The Actor / Your Sheets Don’t Smell Good

Sutton Strother – Two Women Meeting

Svani Parekh – Soulsmithery

Sydney S. Kim – Shedding Velvet


Tara Campbell – You, Commuter / Firehawk Lullaby / Big Bird

Tara Isabel Zambrano – The sea within / A brief progression of natural disasters

Tara Laskowski – Coal Girl

Tariq al Haydar – Dominion

Taylor Kirby – Eulogy

T. E. Cowell – R.I.P. My Blue Hoody

Teresa Stenson – Jacob Sits With Tina

Terri Jane Dow – Clockwork

Tess Allard – Wolf Girl

Thaddeus Rutkowski – Slip of a Knife – The Fear

Thomas Centolella – Heraclitus

Thomas Kearnes – Berlin / Listen

Thomas O’Connell – Gifts / What Are the Odds?

Timothy Day – The Melamorphosis

Tim Love – My love it is a red, red rose

TJ Fuller – Soon / Hotel Sex

T. L. Sherwood – It Only Hurts When I Smile / Pretty Changes

Todd Dillard – Myth with Furry Orgy in an Abandoned Warehouse Broken Up by the Cops

Tom Weller – R.J. Becomes a Piston

Tracy Lynne Oliver – Salt


Valerie Maloof – Six Months Pregnant

Vallie Lynn Watson – It Leaves No Shadows

Valorie K. Ruiz – Touch

Victoria Briggs – Weepers

Victoria Buitron – The First Test

Victoria Richards – Then there you are

Vincent Louis Carrella – The Agabus

Vineetha Mokkil – The Owl on My Shoulder

Virgie Townsend – I Swallowed the Whale Before It Could Swallow Me


Walt Paterson – Pact

Wesley O. Cohen – The Ghost Story

Will Donnelly – A Silent Flash of Cold White Light

William R. Soldan – South of Nogales


Kisses and hugs to all our contributors.


Yardenne Greenspan – translator of Noa Sivan’s Straightening Lines, Fucking Tel Aviv, Thumb War, All right, Semantic Satiation, Space, Jellyfish

Yasmina Din Madden


Zach Powers – A Study in Misunderstanding

Zac Smith – The Lord of the Beasts

Zoe Goldstein – Eric

Z.Z. Boone – Moonless