Another Visit from the Fox by Meghan Kemp-Gee

Another Visit from the Fox

At the gas station at the edge of town, the debit machine is always down. I come to the counter with currency in hand. Toonie, loonie, daric, drachma, doesn’t matter much. I suspect the stylish attendant of being a front. Like all your customers, I tell him, I have come on foot. He looks back at me with brown eyes through the safety glass. He pulls down his mask. I suspect the stylish attendant of wearing his brown eyes. He is accessorizing. He is from NGC 246, I have decided, a planetary nebula in the constellation Cetus. It is as if he’s slipped in wearing fox skins. He hands me back my change. What he says to me next is different each time he says it. You were so lucky to be born on the borders of the next world. You were not so lucky to be born, or weren’t so lucky as to not be born there, so on the borders of the next world, so to speak. You were lucky to be born so. Such luck, born on the borders, and so on. You weren’t so lucky to be unborn on the borders. You are lucky to be born on the borders of the next world, aren’t you. Are you not? You’re lucky, lucky. Take a breath. You are lucky to have been born there. You weren’t so lucky to be born here. Who’s next in line. Next customer, please. Who is next.

Meghan Kemp-Gee lives somewhere between Vancouver BC and Fredericton NB. She writes poetry, comics, and scripts of all kinds. Her poetry has appeared in publications including PRISM, Copper Nickel, Altadena Poetry Review, and Train. Her debut poetry collection, The Animal in the Room, is forthcoming in Spring 2023. She also co-created Contested Strip, the world’s best comic about ultimate frisbee. You can find her on Twitter @MadMollGreen.


Art: PxHere Public Domain ALT Photograph of a lonely petrol station at night


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