Another Person by Mazzy Sleep

Another Person

He thought I was someone else

But they all do

Mazzy Sleep is a 10-year-old from Toronto, Canada, who began writing during the pandemic. She has written over a thousand dark fantasy/horror poems and short stories, as well as two feature screenplays and a novella. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle Young Poets AnthologyThe Margins (Asian American Writers’ Workshop), Maudlin HouseDefunct MagazineJellyfish ReviewQueen’s Quarterly, and elsewhere. Mazzy was commended by 2021 T.S. Eliot Prize winner Joelle Taylor in the Waltham Forest Poetry Competition. In her spare time, she watches weird cinema, horror films, and Japanese anime.


Art: Public Domain ALT A black and white photograph of a young actor from bygone times holding a mirror to the side of her face


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