Snowcaps by Doris W. Cheng


Summer night at a Kansas drive-in and my parents’ system for R-rated movies is to tell me and Ted to cover our eyes when a woman’s bare titties come on the screen, both of us ducking until my mother says, “Snowcaps,” so when the mustached trucker gets in bed with the blonde from the gas station, we curl ourselves up like armadillos, my brother pinching me and I pinching him back, until I hear my mother, “Why did you take the money from my envelope, I worked hard for that,” the sound of a woman panting, moaning, then my father’s voice a cold prairie wind: “Just watch the movie.” 

Doris W. Cheng is an immigrant Taiwanese American fiction writer. She is the author of the fiction chapbook Earthling (Word West Press, 2021), and her stories and essays have appeared in New Orleans Review, Witness, The Normal School, The Cincinnati Review, and other literary magazines. She holds an MA in English Literature from Columbia University and is Assistant Fiction Editor at Bellevue Literary Review


Art dronepicr CC2.0 ALT: Overhead view of a drive-in theatre, the screen to the left, cars to the right


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