The big dog by Guillermo Rebollo Gil

The big dog

“He needs a brother,” you said as you took the batteries out of the remote, put them in a flashlight. We watched him chase the little dog — well, just the dog now — in the dark. 

Guillermo Rebollo Gil (San Juan, 1979) is a poet, sociologist, translator and attorney. His poems have appeared, or are forthcoming, in Fence, Poetry NorthwestSecond Factory, Had, Pacifica Literary Review, Trampset, and Trampoline Poetry, among others. His book-length essay Writing Puerto Rico: Our Decolonial Moment (2018), a careful consideration of the potentialities of radical thought and action in contemporary Puerto Rico, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in their New Caribbean Studies Series. He belongs to/with Lucas Imar and Ariadna Michelle. Happily so.


Art Norman Rockwell Public Domain ALT An old-fashioned illustration, typical of 1950s magazine advertisements, of a young boy in his boxers chasing a misbehaving doggie carrying his trousers.


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