Mousetrap by Jade Braden


We ate mice and we drank mice and when we went to sleep we dreamt of mice milling around the living room. They came to us waving the smallest white flags – don’t kill us, don’t kill us – dove into our traps anyway and took their last breaths so that each morning we cried and held their tiny mouse hands, begging for their wide-eyed forgiveness.

Jade Braden is an author and artist based in Columbus, Ohio. Her other works appear in Complete Sentence, Sledgehammer Lit, and AntiHeroin Chic, among others. Find her on Twitter @jadewcb, online at, or in her kitchen being sad about mice.


Art: Vladimir Makovsky Public Domain ALT: An illustration of a young girl’s bedroom, overrun by mice. The young girl leans against the bed on the right, one shoe on, one shoe off, wearing stripy socks, and on the left a series of animated toy soldiers bemoan the mousey chaos.


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