Childhood Delicacy by Kangkang Kovacs

Childhood Delicacy

On the floor of a tiny balcony painted lime green my favorite uncle squats, sleeves rolled up to show his elbows, lips curved into a nonchalant smirk, hands covered in streaks of red; the red runs thick on the edge of his scissors and the corner of his brows as he prepares my favorite dish, garlic stir-fried frogs – snip, one; snip, two; snip, three, there is a rhythm I can’t help tapping to, mesmerized by the capricious way the headless ones hop until one hops right on my Minnie Mouse sandal and I let out a shriek: “You are not a chef! You are so cruel!”

Kangkang Kovacs was born in Nanchang, a flavorful city in Southeast China. She went to Peking University to study physics and finished her Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics at the University of Virginia. Then she moved to the west coast, teaching math and physics at UC Santa Barbara for years before she became a mom. She is currently a Dorothea Benton Frank Fellow at the MFA program in creative writing at the College of Charleston, and lives in the Lowcountry with her husband and twins. She is a vegetarian.  


Art (modified): Frog in Your Throat Company Public Domain ALT Two charmingly-dressed frogs, one carrying a cane


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