We Were All Having So Much Fun by Didi Wood

We Were All Having So Much Fun

I don’t know where you were, you had to work or you were in one of your moods, maybe, but after the concert I went along without you and when it was time to order, Keith said Get a Long Island Iced Tea, there’s hardly any alcohol in that, and we were all sitting around drinking and laughing and talking about graduation and how close it was,

and I took off my boots because they pinched and then Keith was in front of me, rubbing my feet, you’re thinking How did he get hold of your feet in the first place and I’ll just say there are ways, and I worried they might be sweaty through my tights and maybe he’d smell his hands later and be totally grossed out, but he kept going and it was so nice, I don’t think anyone ever rubbed my feet before, it wasn’t sexual or unsexual, just sweet and somehow right, like syrup drizzled over steaming waffles, filling each tiny square before oozing into the next and the next and the next,

and Tara wasn’t happy about it, you could tell by the way she kept grinning, too wide, too hard, big eyes, no teeth, like it was all so funny and we were all having so much fun, weren’t we, especially her, watching her guy massage another girl’s feet, and I knew I’d hear about it later, we’ll be at a reunion in fifty years and spittle will spatter me as she recounts how her boyfriend was feeling me up right in front of her and she’ll still be pissed, like it was my fault they broke up and basically I ruined her life, me and my sweaty feet, she’d be President now or at least PTA President if I’d just kept my boots on, and I knew she’d find a way to tell you, I knew it, so here we are, but it would have been weird to ask him to stop and it was just my feet and he’s your friend anyway so back off, okay?

Didi Wood’s stories appear in WigleafSmokeLong QuarterlyMilk Candy Review, and elsewhere. “Rattle & Rue,” originally published in Cotton Xenomorph, was chosen for the Wigleaf Top 50 in 2019. Find her at didiwood.com and on Twitter @DidiWood

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