Summer 2021

Summer 2021

Editor’s note:

A lot changed after our fifth birthday. We took a huge break. We experimented with new ideas. And now we’re back! This is a round up of all the work we’ve published over the last few months, plus our nominations for Best of the Net, and you should read it all…

2020/2021 Bookends

Alfred Untold by Neil Clark

Consumer Value Store by Mike Nagel

Secret Submissions months

Lux Aeterna by Melissa Goode

In which I ask my husband if we should migrate by Clare Chai

The World Demands It by Emily Withnall

Excerpts from the History of Clocks by Star Su

Theory by April Yee

A Typical Fight by Jared Levy

Repeat-After-Me by Nancy Freund

Fox Without Den by Jonah Wu

Fanfic and Talk Like a Pirate month

Dark Larries by Heather Cripps

Name: Aye-Aye by Ai Jiang

A Small, Good Thing by David Hansen

Benches Are for People by Caroline Kim

Love Story as Told in Fanfiction Tropes by Natalie Wang

Origin Stories and Loosely Connected to Winnie the Pooh month

Carry Me Home by Claire Kortyna

After I See Her Heart by Rebecca Entel

Dorotea by Edvige Giunta

Honey by Anthony Varallo

Best of the Net nominations

Extinction by K-Ming Chang

Ex / Re /Patriate by Ysabelle Cheung

Hunger by Noa Covo

The Blood Remains by Saken Jwan Washington