Five years ago, practically on a whim, Jellyfish Review began. We hoped to grow and still be here five years later, but never took it for granted we would. All kinds of good things have happened along the way, and this year in particular has been a doozy! So we’d like to say thank you to everyone we’ve published in the last twelve months 😊 Prepare to see a lot of exclamation marks and a host of smiley faces


Leyna Krow, thank you for the pineapple problem!
Jennifer L Hollis, your story ‘rock’ed!
Kim Magowan, oh, we love you so! One of our dearest contributor friends ❤ ❤ ❤
Shome Dasgupta, and we love you so too 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤
Davis MacMillan, a shockingly popular piece
Dan Crawley, I had forgotten how many of our favourites we got to publish in this issue ❤ ❤ ❤
Kyle T. Armstrong, Nero’s not the only one who would be proud!
Jaya Wagle, thank you for the story, and thank you since then for K drama recommendations!
Tara Lemma, really enjoyed publishing When it happens, a proper treat!
J Edward Kruft, you’re just wonderful through and through, stories named after song titles and all ❤ ❤ ❤
Kelsey Rexroat, a smashing piece, crisp and articulate in the most fantastic, precise way
Caitlin McGillicuddy, so happy we got to publish one of your stories ❤
Theo Greenblatt, I remember almost missing out on this. Super glad we didn’t

Rebekah Bergman, all those puns!
Susannah Maltz, thank you for the peony
Kara Vernor, thank you for the gingko!
Jose Hernandez Diaz, one of our award noms – a wonderful piece
Shane Cashman, excellent writing, and that first paragraph! Woww! Good luck with your new book
JJ Peña, one of our award noms – a work that people keep recommending even now
Tom McAllister, we got to be a part of your memoir in years project! An honour
Emily Weber, loved The Booth!
Umaima Munir, WOOT! One of the best stories of 2019. You knocked this one out of the park
Lucie Bonvalet, this probably introduced a new generation of viewers to Sophie’s Choice
Elizabeth Hart Bergstrom, one of the few times we’ve published a Christmas story near Christmas
Laura Wang, this was insanely good 😊
Melissa Goode, my hero! I’m not sure I thought it would be possible to match It Falls, but your Winged Lion struck a wonderful chord ❤ ❤ ❤

Rosaleen Lynch, yes please! Very good
Molly Gabriel, Best Small Fictions 2020, thank you very, very, very, very much!
Sasha Greybosch, cracking writing
Tara Stillions Whitehead, I think about these sound effects all the time
Wei Ting, our first story of 2020! What a way to begin ❤ ❤ ❤ We’ve really enjoyed knowing you – thanks!
Fulla Abdul-Jabbar, I loved this. Goodness, we started 2020 in style
Marie Biondillo, some stories are so memorable and this was one of them
Savannah Slone, we wanted to publish something by you, and I’m so glad this was so good

Janelle Bassett, phenomenal! I still recommend this one
Nikoletta Gjoni, I’m always a big fan of legends retold, and you slayed this
Jen Soong, yep, yes, yeah, yup, great essay
Chris Belden, funny, sad, serious, and that joke’s pretty solid
Becky Robison, little did we know!
Nhung An, before you came along I would’ve sworn blind we’d never publish a work with the word ‘petrichor’ in! You made it impossible not to
Maggie Timothy, beautiful, classic, a stunning story
Laurel Shimaski, Haha! I remember cake face. Good work
Meriwether Clarke, still breaks my heart that he became a supreme court judge, and I thought about this one again when RBG passed

Tori Rego, A hurricane will be forming off the coast. It will be heading in their direction.
Samantha Xiao Cody, one of my favourites of the year – and I hope it wins all the prizes! ❤ ❤ ❤
Karen E Park, this was great, and people really loved that title 😀
Amy Stuber, thrilling to publish an Amy Stuber story
Lee Hittner-Cunningham, you killed this!
Darius Goore, beautiful, in all its three-legged glory
Claudia Zuluaga, oh, the cuteness of that kid!
Tim Fitts, sweet writing!
Brooke Knisley, thank you for this story, and thank you too for always being entertaining on social media

Michelle Orabona, we changed the style of our artwork with this story, and it felt like the beginning of a focus on really excellent writing
Audrey Bauman, so so so good
Amy Zhang, I remember how excited I was about sharing this!
Lucy Zhang, I knew this was good, but even so I was blown away by just how popular it was
Shane Kowalski, the best story about a guineapig and nothing else there ever was
Emily James, you stormed this one 😊
Jessica Lawson, this was, of course, always going to be a winner!
Hasen Hull, another story that lots of people referenced when submitting work our way
Di Jayawickrema, the first time in 2020 we did a double! Two of your stories, and fingers crossed we win some prizes together ❤ ❤ ❤

Eman Quotah, we loved the special issue and there’s no way we could’ve opened it any better than this
Julie Cadman-Kim, Edna’s Boy was hugely popular. Partly because there’s an audience for this kind of piece, but mostly because you did it so well
Ruth Ducaso (Luciany Aparecida) and Sarah Rebecca Kersley, loved publishing this, and loved seeing it mentioned in Electric Lit too!
Wendy BooydeGraaff, this feels more relevant every day
Arvin Ramgoolam, I think of you every time I touch a painting now
Ahimaz Rajessh, always a pleasure sharing your work 😊
Helen Armstrong, hell yeah!
Mia Mishek, another incredibly popular piece!
Koji A. Dae, a fantastic special issue story, and between its COVID theme and the Christo artwork this feels very 2020

Nicole Zhu, I remember when you sent us this I was so excited I wrote a tweet about how we didn’t see enough stories like it!
Hanna Abi Akl, clever Clogs!
Natalie Dunn, gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous
Ellie Gordon, I keep seeing things that remind me of this story
KT Sparks, it was great publishing this story, and great too when you told us the artwork reminded you a little of your daughter!
TD Storm, super!
Ashley Burnett, people loved this one, and they haven’t stopped loving it
Kim Rooney, it means a lot to me that we got to share this. Thank you

Rebecca Orchard, fan-bloody-tastic work!
L Scully, you’re a star
Nicole Vanderlinden, wonderfully done
Cheryl Pappas, dude! Nice story, and you’re fantastic too
Taylor Byas, Taylor, you are blowing up! Everyone knows your name
Nancy Nguyen, MERMAIDS!!!!!!
K-Ming Chang, I could speak for days about how much I love your work. You’re the best writer out there right now ❤ ❤ ❤
Glen Pourciau, not many people can write like this. You’re a master ❤ ❤ ❤

Angela Readman, Britain’s best! Hands down ❤ ❤ ❤
Jo Varnish, Britain’s best transplanted to America! ❤ ❤ ❤
Deirdre Danklin, tortoises and toilet seats!
Noa Covo, you are the future, and we love interacting with you on Twitter too
Kasịmma, thank you for sharing this with us 😊
Kirsten Vail Aguilar, this was hot, hot, hot!
Yvette Lisa Ndlovu, loved the story, and loved finally getting to find out who it was about too!
Pip Robertson, can’t fault Fault!
Malinda McCollum, there’s been some stiff competition, but this is definitely one of my favourites of the year 😀

Guinotte Wise, man, that’s a long, long, long title!
Samantha Steiner, thank you again for the laughs with this 😀
Gina Chung, superb story – absolutely superb
Molly Miller, thank you for the story, but thank you as well for using your space earlier in the year for such a good cause
Abby Manzella, hit this for six!
Tiffany Osedra Miller, beautifully done
Kathy Davis, I was there, in that pub, watching her dance
Jack Somers, when Paige said “I’m just telling you what she said,” I got chills. So good
Valerie Hegarty, Boom! Fantastic!

And so to this month’s issue. Normally, on our birthday, we publish a story by one of our favourite writers. This year, we decided to publish an entire issue of work we’re crazy about!

Arya Roshanian, m4m_LA, opening up the special issue in style

Ysabelle Cheung, Ex / Re / Patriate, another of my absolute favourites from the year

Sakena Jwan Washington, The Blood Remains, this one will be much-imitated, I think. Excellent

Omar Hussain, What You Learn Along the Way, super popular!

Edith Knight Magak, Of Grand Buildings and Studio Apartments, incredibly good, incredibly relevant, and I laughed out loud with your final line

Melissa Hung, The Aunties at the YMCA, YES!!!!!! Super. Some stories just change the way the reader looks at aunties, and this story is one of those stories 😀

Tara Campbell, Loss Loop, Tara, you are one of our favourite regulars because you get better and better and better all the time

Jasmine Sawers, Mango Son Theen, we’ve loved publishing your work but also hugely loved getting to know you a little bit on social media too. You’re a star!

Ibtisaam, first, always a pleasure to share in somebody’s first experience! You were very accommodating of what we could and couldn’t do, so thank you for that

María Alejandra Barrios, Black Cake, DELICIOUS WRITING! Also, I feel like we’ve known you forever, but it’s only been about a year. You’ve exploded since the last time we published you!

Maz Do, The Shapes Behind My Eyes, YAY! Lots of fun to work with you again 😊

Kyohnosuke Seaki, Similar to Mescaline, a pleasure working with you on this, thank you

Jiaqi Kang, The Buddha’s Fist, Jiaqi – you’re the coolest!

Rachel Chen, Funeral for the Ordinary Dead During a Pandemic, a perfect piece

Lucy Zhang, Cracked – you again! Is that twice in one year?!

Ploi Pirapokin,we always love seeing your BTS stan tweets! Our birthday wish is that they will read Squidgate!!

Nicole Oquendo, On Mouths, very good, very good

K.B. Carle,This Is a Story About a Fox, you’ve been such an important part of Jellyfish Review, I’m over the moon we got to work with you again 😀

Mythic Picnic Couldn’t have hoped for a better partner on the special issue!


We’re taking a short break for now, but look forward to coming back next year even better 😊 Take care, and help us celebrate turning five by sharing these pieces with your friends, and maybe eat a little cake too.


Jellyfish Review


Art Alexei Jawlensky Public Domain