Head & Body by Ahimaz Rajessh

Head & Body

‘The ancient Nalanda University fell out of repute long before it was vandalised because it separated the head from the hand,’ says mindfully the headless Buddha who mindlessly massacres children, women and men. The womb of the capitalist fighter plane drops the bomb and the bomb is the head of Buddha. The head that falls in the puddle of blood, with eyes more screwed up than shut, is not sorry but sorry, is uninterested but interested in the skyline that reflects the bloodbath occuring below.

The head that becomes the bomb that explodes doesn’t look like it belongs to the man that once taught his followers after his experimentation with meditation that idle meditation was an utterly pointless activity. The Buddhist monks who began experimenting with himsa by severing the toes and fingers of the enslaved laborers, in their regressive progress from the feudal to the capitalist epoch, eventually ended up with the headless genocidal Buddha. The head of the headless genocidal Buddha became the bomb.

Leaders of Buddhist nations countering accusations, faced with calls for accountability, from global north deflect the blame saying, ‘You torture, massacre and bomb the people around the globe outside your borders with no accountability whatsoever. We are just dealing with terrorism within our borders with your silently loud consent so what’s the senseless fuss. You sold us arms and aided us with genocides. Now shut the fuck up and sell us more arms.’ Leaders of global south blackmail the leaders of global north with blackmail dossiers.

It’s business as usual, just business with no justice for human-rights violations because trade is of vital import. Big business is big money. The bigger the trade deal the better. Ease of doing business eases the burden of all crimes including accusations of war crimes.

But the old new world order is shifting, the shaky empire crumbling, slowly drifting toward what – you never know. A day may come when the people of global north begin to hold their leaders and the chief executives accountable and punish them for all crimes including war crimes, when the paradigm shifts in favor of justice and accountability, on that day those genocidal leaders and chief executives of global south, left with no other options, will open their veins. It’s for that very reason they’re rumoured to carry with them at all times subtle knives made of glass laced with cyanide or worse.

Buddha opened his eyes a long time ago but how dare they still keep shoving down our throats the idols of Buddha with their eyes shut.

But as of now the heads that are bombs aren’t falling on the right locations. The heads that are to be bombs aren’t yet falling on big banks and big businesses. The heads that are bombs are falling on the wrong locations.

As of now Bop Dedop, who’s either white or black, who’s either white-supremacist or anti-fascist, who isn’t neither/nor, who’s representative of the people of global north, just gets boners at the mention of anything that’s to do with Sanskrit or Vedic. It’d be silly to put the blame squarely upon global northies when the global southies, those lowered-caste rootless Indian Christians for instance, with their insufferable soft spot for Hinduness, aren’t very much different, who often visit Anti-CAA/NRC/NPR protests clad in their favorite saffron shirts and get thrown out of them. A conversation between a reformed global southie who almost got thrown out of an Anti-CAA protest and a global northie who’s an ex-pro-NRA Antifa goes like this:


Global southie: Wassup man!

Global northie: Namaste.

GS: What, okay – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see skyscrapers in your city?

GN: (Without any hesitation) Slavery, capitalism/imperialism and white supremacy.

GS: Would you make a logical connection between modern-day skyscrapers and medieval castles?

GN: (Without any hesitation) Well, yes, and also medieval cathedrals and feudalism.

GS: Now, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see massive South Asian temples?

GN: (Without any hesitation) My boner.

GS: Oh, then, okay – what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you see pyramids?

GN: (Without any hesitation) The great Egyptian civilization and also my boner.


Here the global southie and the global northie depart with ta-ta’s because the global southie’s long silence frustrates the global northie, and then when they catch up a week later.


Global southie: Namaste.

Global northie: Wassup man!

GS: What, okay – what’s the second thing that comes to your mind when you see pyramids?

GN: (Without any hesitation) Of course, feudalism.

GS: Now, what’s the second thing that comes to your mind when you see temples?

GN: (With some hesitation) My boner and my boner. Sorry dude, but did I tell you a friend of mine had multiple orgasms and nearly bled to death standing before the Adiyogi statue?

GS: Dude, did you know Jaggi killed his wife, cremated her body so quick and claimed she attained mahasamadhi? Never an arrest was made for the homicide.


The global northie DuckDuckGoes for a minute and comes back.


GN: You think Jaggi disappears people and sends them up the absent a-hole of Adiyogi?

GS: He has disappeared elephants by occupying an elephant corridor. With that in mind, in all likelihood, he can even disappear people.

GN: Dude, that makes him a wildlife/climate criminal too.

GS: If ever he gets convicted, Indian judges might acquit him falling for his argument that the elephants attained mahasamadhi.

GN: Temples could be built on mass graves?

GS: Anything massive, be it skyscrapers or temples, may have mass graves, figuratively at least, beneath them and deep they may be but all mass graves are shallow, aren’t they?


The next day.


Global northie: Vannakam!

Global southie: What, okay – what’s the third thing that comes to your mind when you see pyramids?

GN: (Without any hesitation) Slavery.

GS: Now, what’s the third thing that comes to your mind when you see temples?

GN: (Fill in the blanks with or without hesitation) _______, _____, _________


Head & Body


Ahimaz Rajessh (@ahimaaz) has been published recently with Queen Mob’s Teahouse, BEST BUDS! Collective, RIC Journal, Minor Literature[s], Marlskarx, Glass, Elephants Never, Burning House Press, Big Echo: Critical SF, Paint Bucket and Speculative 66. He lives in the Indian Subcontinent.

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