54, Cooling Off

Issue 54, Cooling Off in One of the Fountains

Editor’s Note

In unusual times, we were able to share some exceptional stories. Thank you to all the writers – you are doing something wonderful with your words 🙂

The stories

Creative Non-Fiction by Michelle Orabana

The Long Con by Audrey Bauman

Watch List by Amy Zhang

How Do I Get Unlost on My Own by Lucy Zhang

This Is About a Gerbil and Nothing Else by Shane Kowalski

Corner Guys by Emily James

Rejected Feel-Good Essay Pitches for Melania Trump’s New Magazine for ModernParents by Jessica Lawson

Simile by Hasen Hull

Kidding, Kidding by Di Jayawickrema

“Plucking Away” by Di Jayawickrema


54, Cooling Off


Art Dick Swanson/NARA Public Domain

The artwork this issue was especially fun to compile. While searching for a picture to illustrate Emily James’ Corner Guys we were lucky enough to see some of the photography of Dick Swanson. This cover picture is called Cooling Off in One of the Fountains Around the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and in a time when the streets are almost empty and it’s harder to see people sitting together like this, this picture jumped out. Beautiful. Would that we could all cool off in the fountains today!