53, La France Croisee

53, La France Croisee

Editor’s note

I’ll keep this, like a stunted cupcake, short and sweet! I’ve just come back from the Big Bad Wolf, a book festival that travels South East Asia selling imported books at discount prices. It’s not easy buying books in Jakarta. Not impossible, but not easy. So the Big Bad Wolf event is exciting – the air crackles a little differently when it comes to town. And walking into the mammoth venue they have, the size of four warehouses filled with table after table of books, is a thrill. I danced a little jig, and ain’t nobody wants to see that!

Wwhile it’s amazing, while it has almost everything you might want – books you could never find in Jakarta – while it gets people reading in this city that seldom reads, it’s not quite perfect yet. It’s missing something. For the most part. It’s missing flash fiction. I saw maybe one or two flash fiction books – that’s not enough!

Running Jellyfish Review can be hard work. Rewarding, but time consuming, and occasionally the question arises of whether at some point we should shut down. But maybe there’s still a need. Maybe we can shut down when flash fiction starts making a dent in the piles of books as far as the eye can see at some future year’s Big Bad Wolf.

Thank you to all the writers who shared work with us this month. You are fighting the good fight, forging waves, standing I hope on the precipice. Long may we keep sharing work together 😊 And one day may we blow the Big Bad Wolf’s house down!


The stories

The Formation of Hurricanes by Tori Rego
Ravenous by Samantha Xiao Cody
You Can Walk to Church, Bitch by Karen E. Park
After the End Times by Amy Stuber
Me & KR in the Last Glorious Days of Her Boyhood by Lee Hittner-Cunningham
A Dog with Three Legs by Darius Goore
Third Ghost by Claudia Zuluaga
Sugar by Tim Fitts
Sound Guy by Brooke Knisley


54 La France Croisee


Art Romaine Brooks CC1.0