52, Leyendo las Noticias

Editor’s Note

As you can hopefully imagine, I spend a lot of time selecting artwork for the stories we curate, and sometimes that takes me down the most enjoyable rabbit holes. I didn’t know much about The Happenings before, but they popped up when I was looking for a picture to accompany a particular picture. Then I started looking more into The Happenings, and found mention of the artist Marta Minujin. One of her images that’s included in the public domain is the picture we’re using here, the picture that inspired the title of this issue, of the woman starting to sit.

I’ve also been thinking a lot lately about being at a particular point in time where, more perhaps than any time in recent history, we’re aware of how many stories have been hidden from us, hidden from the world. We’re making more of an effort to uncover those stories, both from history and in new tellings, and it’s an incredibly exciting moment of discovery. It feels like something important is happening. Jellyfish Review, I hope, is a small part of this. And Marta Minujin’s picture feels like a metaphor for that. The woman hidden by the news of the world, slowly starting to rise. It’s a beautiful picture! And the stories we share with you here are beautiful too.


The stories

Could Be by Janelle Bassett
A Stubborn Woman Gives Nothing by Nioletta Gjoni
Altar of Mine by Jen Soong
“Termite Walks into a Bar…” by Chris Belden
A Whole Breakfast by Becky Robison
Petrichor by Nhung An
“Ada” by Maggie Timothy
Cake Face by Laurel Shimasaki
What Hands Can Do by Meriwether Clarke


52 The News Woman Awakens


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Art  Marta Minujin / Arte de Accion Public Domain