51, Metalheads

The stories

Submarine by Rosaleen Lynch
XO Training by Molly Gabriel
Serving the Ghost by Sasha Graybosch
It Never Gets Dark by Tara Stillions Whitehead
Omakase by Wei Ting
Fluorescence by Fulla Abdul-Jabbar
Ape 1 and Ape 2 by Marie Biondillo
June 2002 by Savannah Slone


2019/2020 Targets

In 2019 we set targets, for 60% of our published work to be by women, and to share at least 50 pieces by writers of colour. We met both goals. 😊

In 2020, we will be publishing fewer pieces, and our targets are as follows:

66% of all published work to be by women, 40% to be by writers of colour.

At the end of the year, we will assess our progress.


Special Issue Call For Submissions: Instructions for Committing Crimes

Submissions guidelines here – we’re very excited about this. And, BREAKING NEWS, for the first time ever we will PAY writers selected for this special issue. As long as you have PayPal, we will pay writers accepted to appear in Instructions for Committing Crimes $20 for their work. I know that’s not a whole lot, but we don’t have a whole lot! And hopefully if this is a success we’ll be able to pay more in the future – so please celebrate with us 🙂


Best Microfictions winners

Congratulations to the writers whose Jellyfish Review work will be appearing in the Best Microfiction 2020 anthology.

Meghan Phillips

Archana Sridhar

Tara Isabel Zambrano


Issue 51 cover

Art (cropped) Danny S CC4.0

A beautiful picture of a jewel beetle (temognatha alternata) relaxing in Cairns.