49, Jellyfish Williams

The first issue of our fifth year, and it’s a knockout! So much love to all the writers


The stories

Leyna Krow () The Pineapple Problem

Jennifer L. Hollis () How to Find the Perfect Rock

Kim Magowan () My Husband the Movie Star

Shome Dasgupta () The Learning Game

Davis MacMillan () A Shock

Dan Crawley () Ashwaganda

Kyle T. Armstrong () Nero Would Be Proud

Jaya Wagle () Toba Tek Singh

Tara Lemma () When It Happens

J. Edward Kruft () Me and Mrs., Mrs. Jones

Kelsey Rexroat () Diagnosis

Caitlin McGillicuddy () Peaches

Theo Greenblatt () Triumph


Our Pushcart Prize nominations

Oh my, oh my, oh my – this is the kind of writing we dream about reading and sharing all day every day!

Ugly Husband, by Shivani Mutneja

Vagabond Mannequin, by KB Carle

New World Economics, by Raksha Vasudevan

Il Uomo Morto, by Helen McClory

 by Tracy Lynne Oliver

Signs of Life, by Grace Talusan


49 Jellyfish Williams


Art Vik Muniz CC2.0

Mosaics always feels like an apt art form for a flash fiction magazine 🙂