Four Years Old, Jellyfish Attacks!

Four Years Old, Jellyfish Review Attacks!

A wonderful year, with many thanks to all these lovely people!


Brianne M. Kohl – your story is as fantastic today as it was one year ago!

Nicole Simonsen – A Conversation worth remembering

Pete Segall – Occupational Hazards worth risking!

Matt Weinkam – ear heat, eye stools, testicle behavior and the rest

Jan Saenz – the emergence of those handlebars

J. Edward Kruft – you’ve been such a supporter of us, and I can’t wait to publish another piece by you this year!

Daniel Uncapher – still remember your man’s tipping logic after the Recession

Nikki Donadio – we could use a hug machine now more than ever

Claire Lobenfeld – this fight’s still so very very vibrant!

Kim Magowan – you practically have your own wing in the Jellyfish Review mansion!

Virgie Townsend – I loved your whale so much.

Hugh Behm-Steinberg – you’ve also been a supporter of us from the start, and we’ve been so lucky to publish you so many times

Michael Sarinsky – I hope so much one day I can go to Easter Island and hear this language in its home

Kira Jane Buxton – thank you for your bookish thing, and I love seeing Hollow Kingdom earning so much success. Hurrah!

Kate Axelrod – to Laura and Joe and those fights 😊

Genevieve Mills – oh, the turn your ten basic safety tips took!

Shannon McLeod – I can’t believe this was so long ago, it feels like we just published this.

Kevin Tosca – you get better every time

Alyssa Greene – you know how much I love it every time someone does something new with the ghost story

Melissa Goode – you are still our hero! Can’t wait to share more of your work

Beth Gilstrap – did I ever tell you Facebook tried to stop us posting a link to this story? You’re too good for them!

Hayleigh Santra – your wish is my command!

Paul Crenshaw – it’s been wonderful having the chance to publish your work and to interact with you occasionally on Twitter 😊

Melissa Benton Barker – you introduced me to Sheela-Na-Gigs!

Glen Pourciau – nobody else writes like you, always a pleasure.

Gary Moshimer – THAT PIG!!!

Ravibala Shenoy – I hope it’s not the last time we get to publish your work, I think you really get us 😊

Tess Allard – Awesome wolf girl!

Claire Guyton – this was badass, and you ruled all these characters

Zac Smith – you are the Lord of the Beasts!

Catriona O’Rourke – every time I see someone in a mask I think of this story!

Devan Collins Del Conte – just gorgeous writing, this glimpse of Vico, thank you

Hana Mason – butterflies and family dynamics, you dominated them both

Carolyn Oliver – here’s to cherries! And to Shelley the boxer

Elena M. Aponte – oh, I remember these characters. Such a nice story

Anu Kandikuppa – magical, wonderful

Gerard McKeown – gritty, realistic. Never did find out how you make Lady Gaga cry though…

Tara Campbell – you have no idea how hard it was not to tell people about the firehawks! I was so glad when we published this, the dam could burst! And oh my goodness, we published you twice this year. You’re part of a very small, elite group!

Kirsten Kaschock – today these things did not happen. Best beginning to a story!

Sionnain Buckley – a lovely piece, and it’s also been such a pleasure seeing how cool you are on Instagram

Dev Murphy – Would you let me scream?!

Julie C. Day – this story of graveyards and family feels classic and timeless

Myles McDonough – stories like this make me want to be the best jellyfish version of myjellyfishself

Ellen Rhudy – the baby that just didn’t want to come out!

Joan Mazza – one of the few essays we’ve published, thank you

Marisa Crane – a pleasure to have been part of your rise and rise!

Jenny Fried – this was wild!

Patricia Quintana Bidar – not just a cool writer, but also a very cool person – glad I got to know you!

Taylor Kirby – oh, what you did in this, very good

Kamil Ahsan – dude!

Chris Shorne – you showed me how it is to really care about a piece so much. A lot of love in this story.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the Long Time Coming special issue. I’ve never before or since seen a group come together so beautifully as you all did behind the scenes!

Mercedes Lucero – one of my favourite pieces from the year!

Siddhartha Gigoo – we got to publish work from a Commonwealth Short Story prize-winning, film making, all-around awesome writer and person. Result!

Ruth Joffre – you know how much I love this. One of our Best Microfiction nominations

Eva Wong Nava – I love reading your work and also love seeing the successes of your book! Congratulations!

Shivani Mutneja – the best story about an ugly husband ever!

Steve Chang – so happy I got to know you and your writing!

Delvon T. Mattingly – One day, I became allergic to my boyfriend. That’s a million-dollar line!

Sudha Balagopal – you get more awesome every year!

Thaddeus Rutkowski – you’re a star! This was great!

Brianna McNish – that costume, as seen on TV – ha!

Bunkong Tuon – a beautiful piece, I think of it often

Tara Isabel Zambrano – is there anything you can’t do?!

Haddiyah Kuma – I enjoyed this one so much – still one of my favourite artworks too!

Maz Do – making me hungry rereading this

Quinn Lui – thank you for letting us publish this, it’s always exciting to do something that challenges the normal confines of a story.

Christine Taylor – you’re a legend, Christine!

K.B. Carle – aaaahhh! This work! One of our most popular ever pieces – it really popped

Allie Marini – this got into me like a splinter of glass! I still see people recommending it now

Megan Pillow – you know how much we love you, you’re the best!

Eli Barrett – a gorgeous, sad story.

Meghan Phillips – another of our most popular ever stories. You kicked off Monet’s guest editorship in style

Melissa Goodrich – this was such an exciting time for us, publishing great work, doing things that challenged and inspired us, and your story pushed us to figure out how to get pictures of squids into wordpress!

Alex DiFrancesco – you know how awesome you are!

TJ Fuller – the Big O again! Yes!

Sean Gill – a smashing story

Jenessa Abrams – I really loved this one, and it looks like you’re on the cusp of greatness with Olive! Fingers crossed for you!

Kathryn McMahon – my friend, such a support always, thank you so much

Nicole Baute – this was MAD!

Johanna Dong – I love how every once in a while this one gets popular again. A great piece!

Maureen Langloss – the best story about dick pics ever, hands down. Also one of our ten most popular stories ever!

Huge, enormous, special thanks to MONET P. THOMAS – our first ever guest editor. Under her curatorship we published some of the best stories we’ve ever published, and our monthly round up (with her text explaining the Big O Challenge) was easily the most popular there’s been. This woman is a star, everybody.

Caroline Kim – we love you! You’re one of the only writers we published twice this year, and we nominated Older Women for Best of the Net, and it was such a delight to share your work again in the Seventeen Syllables folio.

Jay Ruben Dayrit – we love you! You’re one of the only writers we published twice this year, and it was such a delight to share your work again in the Seventeen Syllavles folio. Hmm, déjà vu 😊 You and all the Seventeen Syllables crew are lovely and so lucky to have each other.

Ashley Lopez – a wonderful piece

Mary Hamilton – oh, I STILL love this piece!

Leigh Camacho Rourks – fricking awesome 😊

Shasta Grant – I always wanted to publish a story by you, and this year we got to. Bucket list item achieved!

Archana Sridhar – those rechargeable moons!

Hannah Seo – every once in a while, we get picked up by Flipboard, which gives us a chance to expand beyond our normal audience. Your story was SO popular on Flipboard. Really happy about that!

Madeline Gobbo – wild, wild, wild, wild, wild writing!

Ifeoma Nnewuihe – the most harrowing piece we’ve ever published, and it was heartbreaking to see this story come true later in the year

Kyra Kondis – you rock, Kyra!

Ryan Lee Liu – so happy we got to publish your first flash!

Jessica Cavero – a beautiful, beautiful story

Emma Brewer – Oh, I love this. Another bat story! Bats are where the big money is going to be, I can tell 😊

Dana Diehl – another bucket list item achieved, publishing a Dana Diehl story!

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to the Pro-Choice stories series, Chauna Craig, Meghan Louise Wagner, Robin Anna Smith, Kathryn Kulpa, Andrea Rinard, Holly Pelesky, Jonathan Cardew & Raksha Vasudevan. You are the best


Lavanya Vasudevan – loved this

Jayne S. Wilson – so glad I got to know you. Not only a cool writer, but also a really, really cool person and supporter of others. They ought to give you a medal!

Ben Niespodziany – your mind, man!

Rebecca Van Laer – oh, Marlowe!

Stephanie Austin – this one paints such a clear picture

Andrea Jarrell – can’t believe this is nonfiction. Wonderful!

Sydney S. Kim – it’s been a pleasure knowing you too. Cool writer, cool person. Awesome!

Courtney Young – time and time again this story, sadly, feels timely.

Michelle Ross – One of my favourite flash writers ever. So happy we get to work with you so often. It must be just about every year now, I think?!

Lesley Finn – cool cool cool cool cool!

Olivia Dunn – smart, smart, smart, smart, smart!!

Chloe N. Clark – hot, hot, hot, hot, hotttt!

Maria Alejandro Barrios – was nice to get to interact with you a little behind the scenes as well. Best of luck with everything!

Jared Wolf – a big hit! Nice work

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow – this is going to be a novel one day

Caitlin Barasch – oh, this makes me think always of my friend!

Mark L. Keats – you humptied the dumpty out of this!

Lorna Rose – every time I walk anywhere I remember this a little

Nathan Willis – GHOST LIZARD!

Maria Oluwabukola Oni – you know how much I love this piece!

Frances Donnelly – few writers make their work feel as real as you do

Rachel Wagner – your boy!

Camille Clark – special talents: racking up fines at the library and forgetting your tea!

Svani Parekh – the bookshop with the soul!

Helen McClory – I LOVE your story a billion gazillion

Bobbi Lurie – beautiful

Alexandra M. Matthews – Mmmm, thinking about the scent of those clementines

Julia Cohen – another exciting piece to publish, challenging the forms, expanding horizons!

Harrison Geosits – this one has longevity written all over it

Alejandro Perez – gorgeous, man! And nice tip to Ocean Vuong as well 😊

Melissa Ragsly – you hero!

Jennifer Wortman – love seeing you go from success to success!

Emma Stough – to those two Sues!

Aaron Burch – who knew anyone could find such gorgeousness in the taking down of a tree. Loved this.

Zoe Goldstein – ERIC!!!!

MFC Feeley – best damn reworking of Red Riding Hood we’ve ever published, that’s for sure

Valorie K Ruiz – this was badass!

Sharon Bippus – lovely

Tracy Lynne Oliver – another of my favourites from the year. SO good!

Mildred H – very cool, Mildred!

Jen Julian – we’ve been lucky to publish so many who are not just great writers but also exceptionally cool and lovely people, so thank you for being one of them!

Victoria Buitron – Sk8er boy amazingness!

Tariq Al Haydar – yes to this piece yes yes!

Ashton Carlile – gummy awesomeness 😊

Nedjelko Spaich – fireworks! Love the way you used language

Sue Mell – all three of these were excellent

Chloe Yelena Miller – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes

Eugenie Montague – gorgeous writing

Siân Griffiths – you ARE Wonder Woman in our eyes 😀

Aube Rey Lescure – this makes me want to go right now to Sicily!

Special thanks to all of the Seventeen Syllables writers collective, and especially to our amazing guest editor, Grace Loh Prasad. Lillian Howan, Brian Komei Dempster, Jay, Caroline, Marianne Villaneuve, Roy Kamada, Grace Talusan. This was some of the most beautiful writing we’ve ever shared. Loved every minute of this.

Anna Vangala Jones – we’ve wanted to publish a story by you for such a long time, and this was a doozy!

Jen Fawkes – phenomenal!

Christopher Locke – all those kisses

Alicia Bones – we loved this!!

AND, of course, the writer of our Fourth Anniversary story. We always look forward enormously to publishing our anniversary pieces, it’s one of the only times we might solicit a writer. This year we were very lucky to get to publish one of our heroes. AMBER SPARKS!

Jellyfish Review Four Years Old

Art Brehan Todd/Henry Darger CC2.0