Joburg’s a Bad Idea by Mildred H.

Joburg’s a Bad Idea

He’s been perching his backside on my workstation for a year requesting this report or the other this morning it was potential losses I clicked download forward email in his office his wife had one blue eye shut and the twins on the hips each pulling and coiling her black locks around little fussy fingers here in Füssen fly to Johannesburg with me Saturday he said that night like the others I pull him into a room this time in The Westcliff I drop his pants cup his member next morning I tell him I slept on it Joburg’s a bad idea.


Joburg is a bad idea


Mildred H. is a Motswana living in Germany. She is currently traveling around south-east Asia. In 2018, she graduated from University of Aberdeen’s MLitt Creative Writing programme. She is also an alumna of University of Botswana and Brandeis International Business School. @booksbeguile (Instagram)


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Art Ruth First/Ben Slow/Derek Smith CC2.0