46,  This Blue Planet

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Bobbi Lurie The Wisdom of Lying

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Sharon Bippus This Blue Earth

Editor’s Note

When Jellyfish Review began we named each issue after one of the stages of the jellyfish lifecycle, and if we’d followed the example of the immortal jellyfish, that could (in theory) have continued forever!

But it did not. Since then we spent a little while naming issues after Bruce Willis movies, and a little while naming issues after state and city mottoes. For reasons that will never be truly understood, we named one issue Fellyjish. And a little while ago we started naming issues for the heavenly bodies of our Solar System. Aditya, for the Sun. Hermes/Apollo, for Mercury. Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld, for Venus. It’s by coincidence that come the day of the Earth issue and we already have a story in the line-up called This Blue Earth. IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COINCIDENCE OF ALL TIME! So we changed it a little.

No story about why the Earth is blue this time – it’s because of all the water. This tiny planet contains so much. Long may we not ruin it.

46, This Blue Planet

Art (people on Earth waving hello to Saturn) NASA/JPL-Caltech labelled free to use by Google Images

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