40, Jaya Raya

40, Jaya Raya

The stories

Dear Journo, Kristen Kaschock
Green Bananas Sionnain Buckley
Screaming Story Dev Murphy
Stone Memories Julie C. Day
Midway on the Line Myles McDonough
Hostile Bodies Ellen Rhudy
Scars Joan Mazza
Beautiful and Sad Marisa Crane
Rooms in My Grandmother’s House Jenny Fried
A Very Small Harem Patricia Quintana Bidar
Eulogy Taylor Kirby
A Game in Three Acts Kamil Ahsan
Vocab Lessons Chris Shorne


Best Microfiction news

Euthanasia, by Myfanwy Collins, will be in the Best Microfiction2019 anthology!


40 cover


Image: Mustofa Rizky