37 Jellyfish of the Sun

Issue 37, Jellyfish of the Sun


Brianne M. Kohl When She Met Him
Nicole Simonsen A Conversation
Pete Segall Occupational Hazards
Matt Weinkam Disease Complex
Jan Saenz Handlebars
J. Edward Kruft Chris in Jeff
Daniel Uncapher Shampoo
Nikki Donadio The Hug Machine
Claire Lobenfeld Everyone Has Their Role in a Fight
Kim Magowan When Your Step 3 Dumps You 4 Days Before Junior Prom
Virgie Townsend I Swallowed the Whale Before It Could Swallow Me
Hugh Behm-Steinberg Horse
Michael Sarinsky Taki Tu’uhaho

37 Cover


Image: DaringDonna (close up of Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds) CC4.0