THREE YEARS OLD, Jellyfish Becomes Her

The stories

Leaving Zion Dan Crawley
The Intimacy of Objects Chloe N. Clark
Unattended Christopher DeWan
What to Do With the Worst Days Kirsten Clodfelter
After the Vital Signs Emily Livingstone
West Portal Station Kaylie Saidin
Mooncake Grace Loh Prasad
Considering a Story Told by My Mother About a Patient Lee Matalone
Not One Word Julie Hall
Coming Back to Bite You Marie Gethins
How to Teach Your Cat to Talk Francine Witte
The Takeover Colleen Rothman
Panopticon David Joez Villaverde
Plagiarist, Psychiatrist, I Have Tools, Diamond District, Rape, Cherry, Fresh, I Already Was One, Anaphylaxis, Lick Your Wounds, Prince, After That He Drives Straight for a While Kim Chinquee


Happy Birthday to us!

We are three years old! and want to say a quick thank you to everyone we were lucky enough to publish this last year.



Jen Michalski – for the best kind of ghost story
Molia Dumbleton – would hang out anytime with you at Tommy Rune’s
Andrew Wehmann – for that high noon walk into something amazing
Salena Casha – it’s been a long time since your confession
Kathryn Kulpa – my friend!
Tara Campbell – for the best bus ride ever
Simon Sylvester – we fully plan on one day filling Jellyfish Review Towers with as many origami birds
Rozz Lewis – for the breakfast
Melissa Goode – my hero. Thank you so much for this one
Lucinda Kempe – who always has good Breeding!
Judyth Emanuel – Wham Bam – thank you Judyth
Max Ildari – for the afterhours drinks
Cathy Ulrich – love you always!
Aubrey Hirsch – what a story, amazing
Lucie Britsch – still making me laugh and smile
Kristina Ten – you’re unbelievably good at this writing thing
Kathryn McMahon – one of the best!
Cara Benson –for letting us know when groping is appropriate!
Angela Readman – a star!
Emi Benn – for not one but TWO stories in that special issue
Madeline Anthes – one of the best people in the lit community
Jan Stinchcomb – I forgot how much fun that special issue was to publish, how many great writers we got to share work by
Lynsey Morandin – for giving us life with Life, Without
K. C. Mead-Brewer – this was the bomb!
Allison Wyss – great job with this one
Nuala O’Connor – the greatest writer of historical flash fiction out there
Tara Isabel Zambrano – I’m so happy we have another piece by you coming soon!
Victoria Richards – love seeing how well you’re doing all the time on Twitter!
Zach Powers – for that earwax, eww J
David Byron Queen – for getting dry and dirty together
Christopher Allen – for an incredible piece, our favourite by you ever
Lincoln Michel – for letting us publish one of your stories! Bucket list item ticked!
Cezarija Abartis – my old friend
Simon Pinkerton – protecting the environment with us
Evan Nicholls – for letting us play with your three-legged dog
Julie Rea – this was nice
M.J. Iuppa – the queen of the 100 word story
Thomas O’Connell – space rocks and donkeys, what more do you need?
Gillian Walker – for taking us into that glass house
Kim Magowan – you know we love you so much!
J. Edward Kruft – your writing is beautiful, every single time
Ajay Patri – really happy we got to publish this one by you
Daniel W. Thompson –for those words
Anne Doten – for un petit ciel!
Ravibala Shenoy – and we have another piece by you coming soon!
Kristin Bonilla – such an impressive tour
Meg Pokrass – MEG!
Robert P. Kaye – for the best pub trick ever
Michelle Ross – you are a superstar
Jad Josey – drinking whiskey with you in this story
Kelsie Hahn – every story should contain dinosaurs
Ken Cormier – I remember how much this made me smile
Emma Sloley – for playing jacks with us
Paul Crenshaw – our first official essay!
Sara Crowley – for letting us meet Pepper
Noa Sivan – we should just permanently thank you always!
John Minichillo – always fun seeing your work
Rachel Lyon – probably our favourite piece of the year
Nancy Stohlman – oh – we loved this one too!
Kimberly Kaufman – for the Nirvana nostalgia and the Maccy Dees
Kara Oakleaf – nobody I’d rather watch the end of the world with
Kat Gonso – nobody I’d rather go to Cleveland with
Alice Hatcher – a trip back in time
Colleen Kearney Rich – for the personal effects J
Lila Rabinovich – this was lovely
Monet P. Thomas – one of our Pushcart Prize noms!
Mason Binkley – this is why you’ve always got to be careful when your dad invites you to the basement
David Drury – nicely done, David
Will Donnelly – this one really took off
Avital Gad-Cykman – a thrill to publish work by you
Jason Christian – we adored this trip to Madrid
Claire Hopple – we’ve been lucky enough to find out about some true stars – you’re one of them
Jennifer Harvey – for good food and good flash fiction
Ryan Jory – this was so funny
Thomas Centolella – a very smart piece, thank you
Elizabeth Ruth Deyro – LOVED publishing you!
Todd Dillard – for being a wonderful person and for inviting us to the furry orgy
Ahimaz Rajessh – never less than like swimming in language
Jacqueline Boucher – longest title ever?
Maura Yzmore – this was very popular, and you’re lovely! thanks
Erin Murphy – our second ever official essay!
Kelsey Englert – when the going gets tough…
Alys Jackson – dark but beautiful writing
N.E. Matin – one of our youngest ever writers, I think, which means you’re going to be impressing people for a long time to come
Bix Gabriel – another very deserving Pushcart Prize nom
Steve Adams – that hug!
Jess Conway – really felt like I knew these four
Marta Balcewicz – for the love of music!
Matthew Mastricova – for taking us to this club in Paris with you
Michael Mungiello – pretty sure this is exactly what happens when you die
Sean Crawley – this is why I always take the number
Shanna Yetman – the shadiest doctor/snake-oil-salesman of all time!
Jennifer Falkner – for zebras and turtles and all the rest too
Marie Gethins – for two great pieces by you this last year
Dahmnait Monaghan – well done so much on the pamphlet news!!!
Mike Nagel – entering your world is a ride!
Britina Cheng – for brunch
Craig Burnett – for explaining why footballers can spit
Alva Holland – a very sad, very beautiful piece
Jacqueline Doyle – one of our favourite people!
Mike Dressel – you’re the triple threat
Rose Anderson – this was perfect
Glen Porciau – so intelligent, so good
Christy and Ryan Call – so happy to publish one of your meteorological pieces!
Redfern Jon Barrett – smashing story
Didi Wood – for that bite on the butt!
Gary V. Powell – another one of our favourite people!
Eric Bosse – for staring at a dead mouse while meditating in an earthquake
Krys Malcolm Belc – for letting us meet the mother-in-law!
Matt McDonald – for the creepiest someone-else’s-home movies
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella – for teaching us the best way to eat pastries
Anne Summerfield – for the jokes and the lies and the trip to Freud’s crib
Santino Prinzi – for a stand-out piece
Dan Nielsen – always a pleasure, Dan!
Georgia Bellas – Mr Bear Stumpy!!!
Jessica Lee Richardson – for teaching us practically a new language
Matthew Fiander – can’t go wrong with Shakespeare
Josey Rose Duncan – for teaching us what our drink means about us
Patricia Fuentes Burns – for that little bit of a playground
Hannah Gordon – a delicious Pushcart Prize nom
Carlotta Eden – for all the pussy words!
Jessica Elliot – for introducing us to your son
Nancy Au – for showing us how to make something beautiful from the cracks
Lucas Church – these characters, man!
Grace Campbell – best Thanksgiving story ever
Katrin Gibb – now we know what to do next time it rains keys from the sky
Marvin Shackelford – a really fun take on the Ouija board story
Elaine Chiew – my hero since forever
Vineetha Mokkil – I’m not allowed to give away any secrets!
Steve Edwards – devastating work
Tom Weller – for showing us the value of commitment!
Michael Backus – enjoyed this trip to Fallingwater
Teresa Stenson – you are the best!
Wesley O. Cohen – my favourite ghost story!
Tara Laskowski – such a thrill to publish you Tara – thank you squillions
Chris Haven – this was a wild piece, loved it
Hillary Leftwich – that cardboard bear though. I hope you got to kick it at some point
Hope Henderson – the Third Place was great
Myfanwy Collins – one of our incredible Pushcart Prize noms
Claire Polders – you’re a legend, Claire
Anne Rasmussen – for the apology and the jokes
Elizabeth O’Brien – for teaching us why hornets keep coming back to the same place
Letitia Trent – you are the brilliant woman!
Leonora Desar – loved the notes your grandmother kept by the door
Sarah Freligh – this is what you give someone
Anna Potter – this was a brilliant story, made even more brilliant by unicorns!
Barrett Bowlin – with neighbours like this…
Bud Smith – you’re a star, thank you
Jeanne Jones – for pronking!
Anne O’Leary – oh my oh my oh my
Sutton Strother – reading about you reading about her – wow
Robert Long Foreman – the creepiest Weird Pig yet!
Allen M. Price – this was beautiful
Hannah Harlow – what a lovely family
Michael A. Chaney – for prompting us to watch a lot of Merrie Melodies
Erica Peplin – so well done, such an elegant idea
Katherine Gleason – loved these roommates!
Steven Grassel – every river wanting to become a lake should read this
Joely Dutton – stunning work
Jennifer Todhunter – extremely powerful story
Chelsea Stickle – a beautiful bildungsroman!
Dan Crawley – making me want ice cream
Chloe N. Clark – out of this world good
Christopher Dewan – something we’ve never seen before – well done
Kirsten Clodfelter – we’ve had a lot of people say a lot of nice things about this!
Emily Livingstone – a pleasure to share this story
Kaylie Saidin – this was so good! Those details
Grace Loh Prasad – glad we got this one in on time! A killer piece
Lee Matalone – so many layers here, wonderful way to write a story
Julie Hall – felt like we were there in Truckee with you
Francine Witte – the balance of light and dark, the talking cat and the violence of this
Colleen Rothman – phenomenal!
David Joez Villaverde – I felt smarter after reading this than I was before




A word about the artist

Stephanie Lachapelle is a writer, editor, graduate student, and warden of two feral children. As a child, she once hid in a tree for 5 hours before realizing her family didn’t miss her, a fact which she’s never forgiven. She enjoys creating digital, otherworldly collages with images from found postcards and vintage magazines.