Fresh by Kim Chinquee


You look fresh, he says to me after I step into his cab.

Fresh? I say.


We are in Manhattan.

Yellow things are all around. Pedestrians. Bikers. Lights. Lots of beeping and honking.

I look at the back of his head. His hair is dark.

In the mirror, his skin glows.

The front of him I see reveals his widow’s peak. I’ve had several husbands.

He worms in and out of traffic.

You’re so fresh, he says.

My dress is cream-colored with big black dots. It fits me kind of tent-like.

I talk about the cows from my childhood.


Oh, how they’d moo.




Kim Chinquee’s most recent collection is Shot Girls. Her sixth book is due out with Ravenna Press in 2019. She is a two-time Pushcart Prize winner, Senior Editor of New World Writing and Chief Editor of ELJ (Elm Leaves Journal). She lives with her boyfriend, their four dogs, and she co-directs the Writing Major at SUNY-Buffalo State.


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