When Roommates Surf Match.com by Katherine Gleason

When Roommates Surf Match.com

He says: Just pick one. She says: It’s not that easy. He says: What about her? She says: Scroll down a little. He says: We’re not talking marriage here. She says: You, you meet guys crossing the street. He says: Brian is perfectly charming. Now, she seems fine. She says: New Jersey? I so don’t think so. He says: This one, this one’s perfect — Manhattan-based teacher, loves animals, no kids. She says: Clearly, she really likes her dog. He says: Get over it. She says: Shut up. He says: Here, a dancer. You like dancers. She says: Not after the last one. Which was entirely your fault. He says: Haven’t we been over this? She says: You’re not supposed to introduce crazy people to your friends. He says: How many years has it been? She says: Shut up for real. He says: Write to this one. Just write. She says: Maybe I’m not ready. He says: Jump in, break the ice. Just suggest coffee. She says: Are you packed? He says: All packed. She says: You’re going to hate Newark. He says: Now, you shut up. She says: You think she’s cute? Newark, I can’t believe you in Newark. He says: Brian is perfectly charming. She says: You keep saying that. He says: Let’s just find you a date, someone who’ll go to the movies. She says: I usually go to the movies with you. He says: Haven’t we been over this?


When Roommates Surf Matchcom


Katherine Gleason’s short stories have appeared in journals such as Alimentum, River Styx, and Southeast Review, and online at Juked, Mississippi Review, Journal of Microliterature, and Monkeybicyle. She won first prize in the 2007 River Styx/Schlafly Beer Micro-Fiction Contest, garnered an honorable mention from Glimmer Train, and has published a number of nonfiction books, including Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism (Race Point Publishing, 2013).


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Image: Yayoi Kusama CC4.0