A Long Time Coming Special Issue Call for Submissions

A Long Time Coming.

This special issue is our first time exclusively publishing writers of colour, but hopefully not our last. There are no restrictions on theme. The issue will run between mid-February and mid-March, and we are so, so excited about it! A lot of you know that we are based in Indonesia and reach an international audience. Even if you are not a writer of colour, you can still be a part of the issue by helping us spread the word about the call for submissions 🙂



We have always wanted to run a special issue just for writers of colour. Flash fiction and CNF is a diverse, beautiful, vibrant community. Writers from all over the world and of every colour are among the best in the business. We should have done this ages ago. We’re finally doing it now. Hence the name of this issue. It has been A Long Time Coming!


The Nitty Gritty

A Long Time Coming will run between mid-February and mid-March. We want flash fiction and CNF up to 1000 words and essays up to 2000 words. The deadline is February 10.

Work should be sent to jellyfishreview@outlook.com

Include your story in the body of the email as we no longer open attachments.

Please state in your submission that you want to be considered for the special issue, otherwise we will assume you want to be part of our regular submissions queue. We heartily welcome writers of colour at all times, not just for this issue.

There is no theme, but writers should self-identify as writers of colour. You don’t need to state this in your submission!

All normal terms and conditions apply, and can be seen on our regular submissions page.

For those of you new to Jellyfish Review, we are a guerilla-style flash fiction magazine, meaning we operate on zero budget and make no money. We have won many awards in the last couple of years, and have become a relevant voice in the flash fiction community. We support our writers and promote their work. We try to respond to submissions within a few days and try to say a few personal words to each submission. We have an amazing submissions queue, and they – you – deserve the best from us.

For this issue only, writers who already have stories awaiting publication are also free to submit.

One final note: If a story comes close but doesn’t quite feel right for us, then we plan on working with some writers to make the story a perfect match. This may mean that sometimes our responses take a little longer than usual. But as ever, if you haven’t heard back from us within a couple of weeks, then query us.

Thank you!

If I’ve forgotten to say anything, or if you have any questions, let us know! We are literally dancing with excitement for this! Look forward to reading your work.


A Long Time Coming call for submissions


Image: Amateur Pic CC0 Public Domain