34 Months Old, Stories for Dead People

The stories

Wesley O. Cohen    öö    The Ghost Story

Tara Laskowski   öö    Coal Girl

Chris Haven   öö    Someday I’ll Love Chris Haven

Noa Sivan   öö    We Inherit Our Grandmother’s Traumas as Well as Their Eyes

Hillary Leftwich   öö    Donor

Hope Henderson   öö    The Third Place

Meg Pokrass   öö    Stranded Sea Mammals

Myfanwy Collins   öö    Euthanasia

Claire Polders   öö    The Next

Anne Rasmussen   öö    Apology

Elizabeth O’Brien   öö    Elegy with Recurring Hornet Nests

Letitia Trent   öö    The Brilliant Woman: A Fable

Leonora Desar   öö    Things You Need to Know About My Grandma

Sarah Freligh   öö    The Last Christmas

Anna Potter   öö    Lola in Arms

Barrett Barlow   öö    Neighbors

Bud Smith   öö    Fentanyl


Editor’s Note

At the risk of sounding morbid, the writers killed it this issue. Amazing work all round. More CNF than we’ve ever published before, more beauty, more truth. Read them all.


Issue 34 cover


Image: James Gill