33 Months Old, Jellyfish Wish

The stories

Better to Eat You With Hannah Gordon
Words Your Boyfriends Call Your Pussy Carlotta Eden
On Offering Hope Through Silence Jessica Elliott
Kintsugi Nancy Au
Once We Firmed Up Lucas Church
Shoot Grace Campbell
Every Key Katrin Gibb
Great Secrets of an Unknowable Past Unfurled Marvin Shackelford
Virtually, Yours: Reality Elaine Chiew
The Owl on My Shoulder Vineetha Mokkil
What He Has Learned to Do Steve Edwards
R.J. Becomes a Piston Tom Weller
Falling at Fallingwater Michael Backus
Jacob Sits With Tina Teresa Stenson


Best of the Net 2018 Nominations

Missing Nancy Stohlman
I’m Only Telling You So You’ll Know Rachel Lyon

Vaughn Erin Murphy
Your Mother Is Telling a Story Krys Malcolm Belc


33 Cover


Image: Silvo CC0


Fun fact about chameleons

Their bones can glow. In darkness, they can shine a light. I think that’s something they have in common with our stories this month.