Special Issue Call for Submissions: Stories for Dead People

Special Issue Call for Submissions: Stories for Dead People

Mid-July – Mid-August

In the past almost-three years we’ve run a number of successful special issues, and we thought long before deciding what to make the theme of this special issue. We’re happy with Stories for Dead People, morbid though it may at first seem. We think it allows you to send us ghosts and zombies, which is always fun. It also allows you to celebrate lesser-known heroes of yesteryear, like Annie Edson Taylor, the first person to successfully ride a barrel over the Niagara falls, or Bobby Leach, the second, who later died slipping on an orange peel. And we hope it will encourage some of you to get angry, the way we get angry every time there’s another school shooting or another police shooting or another needless killing of people not given the protection they deserve. It’s a broad canvas. There’s a lot of dead people out there, a lot of stories to tell.


1000 words for flash fiction or CNF. Up to 2000 words for essays. As always, we ask for first publication rights. Paste your work into the body of an email and send it to jellyfishreview@outlook.com – and let us know it’s for the special issue.

The issue will run between mid-July and mid-August, and the deadline is approximately July 10.


Good luck! We look forward to seeing what you’ve got.


Stories for Dead People


Image: Vincent Van Gogh Public Domain