28 Months Old, Year of the Jelly

The stories

Mating by Meg Pokrass
Little Trees and Paper Lanterns by Robert P. Kaye
Rearview by Michelle Ross and Kim Magowan
After the Fog Come the Hunters by Jad Josey
Offspring by Kelsie Hahn
Watch by Ken Cormier
Jacks by Emma Sloley
Teaching My Daughter to Drive by Paul Crenshaw (ESSAY)
Appearances by Sara Crowley
No big movements by Noa Sivan
Dead Daddy Comes Home by John Minichillo
I’m Only Telling You So You’ll Know by Rachel Lyon
Missing by Nancy Stohlman
A McDonalds in Aberdeen, Washington, 1998 by Kimberly Kaufman
View of the End of the World from the Holiday Inn Express-Salina by Kara Oakleaf
Cleveland, 2009 by Kat Gonso
A Tenderness Rarely Seen by Alice Hatcher


Editor’s Note

Am I right in thinking Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and Chinese New Year have all come in the same week? There’s some pancake-loving, ang pao-collecting boyfriends and girlfriends having one heck of a week! Looking back at all the stories that have come this month, I know a little how lucky they feel. Please excuse me while I gush.

Meg Pokrass – we will always love you, and cannot believe we’ve been allowed to publish another of your stories! Robert P. Kaye – I was impressed how many people submitting to us have mentioned this piece. You are clearly very loved. Michelle Ross and Kim Magowan – I hope you both know how much Jellyfish Review admires and respects and loves you both individually and now, also, together. You are, as the kids said when I was a kid, da bomb. Jad Josey, yum, this was lovely. Another hugely popular piece. Kelsie Hahn – I enjoyed this enormously! Is your book out already? You deserve some Amazon Bestseller action 🙂 Ken Cormier – such a simple idea, executed perfectly. Really moving. I’m blown away. Emma Sloley, I’m so happy we got to publish Jacks! Eee! Paul Crenshaw, did I tell you already that this was our first official essay. I remember the way I read your submission email, reading the bio first, being impressed, then scrolling down to the story. I never laugh reading emails and I laughed. Excellent!

Sara Crowley, you continue to do such great work at the Forge, and I’m happy you let us share some of your writing. I also really enjoyed finding the art work to this piece. Sometimes that’s difficult and sometimes it’s easy, and this time was a pleasure. Noa – I shared your Lost Balloon story on my Facebook page and Hugh Behm-Steinberg said any magazine that publishes Noa Sivan must be a good magazine. We couldn’t agree more! John Minichillo, what is this – the third of yours we’ve published? You’re a well. Love it.

Rachel Lyon, god, I love this story. Thank you for sending it our way. Nancy Stohlman, god, I love this story too! Two very different pieces, both perfect.

Kimberly Kaufman, Kara Oakleaf and Kat Gonso – did you three get together and decide to put locations in your titles? Did I miss that memo? Ha! Three very different but equally awesome stories. Maybe I ought to put locations in my titles from hereonin! Alice Hatcher, first of all – congratulations on your Dzanc Books victory! WOW! And secondly, thank you for this piece. Beautifully done.

Thank you all!


Issue 28 cover


Image: IQRemix from Canada