27 Months Old, Octopuses Are Also Cool

The Stories

In Transit and Disrepair by Kristin Bonilla
The Accident by Ravibala Shenoy
Little Deaths by Anne Doten
Words by Daniel W. Thompson
A Song for the Monsters by Ajay Patri
Nascent Players on a Lopsided Dock by J. Edward Kruft
Moving On by Kim Magowan
Alive in a Glass House by Gillian Walker
What Are the Odds? by Thomas O’Connell
Without a Trace by M.J. Iuppa
Pollen Beetle by Julie Rea
Dog Called Buffalo by Evan Nicholls
Even a Tiny Footprint Is Too Big by Simon Pinkerton
Sleeping Beauty Is a Bad Girl by Cezarija Abartis


Editor’s Note

HAPPY 2018!

Our New Year’s Resolution is to try and publish an even more eclectic and diverse range of stories. To see more new CNF. To get some essays under our belt. To experiment, to push ourselves. And also to eat more vegetables and slightly less cheese.


Issue 27


Image: U.S. Army