26 Months Old, Shit & Snot & Pregnancy & Elbows

The Stories

Bad Boys – Aubrey Hirsch
How to Fit In – Lucie Britsch
Swell / Swollen – Kristina Ten
Dirty Red Questions – Kathryn McMahon
Situations in Which Groping Is an Appropriate Response – Cara Benson
Improbable Cures for Insomnia – Angela Readman
The Book and the Baby – Emi Benn
An Abbreviated Catalogue of Things Passed In and Out of One Vagina – Emi Benn
To Be Devoured – Madeline Anthes
Ashley’s Bracelet – Jan Stinchcomb
Life, Without – Lynsey Morandin
The Bomb – K.C. Mead-Brewer
The Pool and the Body Parts – Allison Wyss
The Day Leopoldine Hugo Was Lost – Nuala O’Connor
The Sea Within – Tara Isabel Zambrano
Then There You Are – Victoria Richards
A Study in Misunderstanding – Zach Powers
Dry – David Byron Queen
The Microbiology of Laiq – Christopher Allen
Not Courteney Cox – Lincoln Michel


Best Small Fictions 2018 Nominations

Ahimaz Rajessh: Bridges
Cathy Ulrich: These Clouds Are Not the Same Clouds; This Sky Is Not the Same Sky
Kathryn McMahon: Crocodile Wife
Lori Sambol Brody: I Want to Believe the Truth Is Out There
Melissa Goode: It falls

Pushcart Prize 2018 Nominations

Aubrey Hirsch: Bad Boys
Charles Lennox: Dog Story
Christopher Allen: The Microbiology of Laiq
Kathy Fish: Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild
Lincoln Michel: Not Courteney Cox
Lucie Britsch: How to Fit In


Jellyfish Fact

The US Navy has funded the MIT invention of an almost-invisible robotic jellyfish that can capture live fish. Watch the video here. It’s absolutely not scary.


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