Situations in Which Groping Is an Appropriate Response by Cara Benson

Situations in Which Groping Is an Appropriate Response

1) Your water bottle falls behind the passenger seat while you’re driving.

2) M&Ms, couch cushions.

3) Middle of the night dash to pee in the dark.

4) In your sleep, you finagled your socks off under the covers and surely they are down there still.

5) Or perhaps they are behind the dryer.

6) Deep inside the dryer bin.

7) Settling on the least dirty socks in the hamper because you’re in a rush.

8) Door closes behind you. Are your keys in your pocket?

9) They must be at the bottom of your bag.

10) Please dear god let that be the key behind the wood bin.

11) If you can just get your hand far enough inside the window you’ll turn the crank to open it some more.

12) Why does it always take so long to find your phone in a crisis? Why do you carry so much crap in your bag anyway?

13) Because it’s your goddamned bag.


Situations in which groping


Cara Benson’s poems and stories have been published in The New York Times, Boston Review, Best American Poetry, The Brooklyn Rail, Hobart, and elsewhere. She’s at work on her first novel.


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