25 Months Old, Rain o’ Fish

Issue 25, Rain o’ Fish

The Stories

Cathy Ulrich, These Clouds Are Not the Same Clouds; This Sky Is Not the Same Sky

Max Ildari, Industry Types

Judyth Emanuel, Wham Bam

Lucinda Kempe, Breeding

Melissa Goode, It falls

Rozz Lewis, Fried Breakfast

Simon Sylvester, Murmurations

Tara Campbell, You, Commuter

Kathryn Kulpa, How to Find Your Way to Black Bread Lake

Salena Casha, Confessions

Andrew Wehmann, Little Sure Shot

Molia Dumbleton, At Tommy Rune’s

Jen Michalski, Ghosts


Editor’s Note

All these damn stories are so damn damn good!


The News

We have expanded our remit, and will now be accepting CNF up to 1000 words and essays on any topic up to 2000 words. Our focus will still be primarily fiction, but we are excited to try something new, and cannot wait to share your work!


Jellyfish Fact

In Bath, England, in 1894, it rained jellyfish. In Tasmania, Australia, in 1996, it rained jellyfish. It’s not known exactly how this happens. The most likely theory is that jellyfish live in the sky, trying to protect the earth from alien attack. Once every hundred years or so, a smack of sky-jellyfish tire and collapse.



Issue 25 Raining Jellyfish

Image: Olaus Magnus, 1555 engraving of raining fish