Two Years Old, Fellyjish

Two Years Old, Fellyjish

We cannot believe we’re TWO already!

Last year, to celebrate our first anniversary, we wrote a brief note to everyone who had contributed, thanking them, and we promised ourselves we would never do anything like that again! But the second year approaches, and we owe even more thanks than we did one year ago.

So. THANK YOU. Scary how many of these stories feel like we published them only yesterday.

Kathy Fish, a squillion thank yous. A squillion-and-one thank yous!
Chad Miller, for the words and the pictures. We love the second anniversary picture so, so, so, so much!
Jennifer Todhunter, the Cartographer is that good
Thomas Kearnes, for shocking us
Jessica Roeder, for making sure we will never leave a car unattended in a wintry Chicago parking lot
Dominic Lim, for that beautifully described small seed
Shawn McClure, for letting us fly with you
Lauren Becker, for babysitting PLUS snacks!
Becca Borawski Jenkins, for always dreaming
Lucia Damacela, for damaging the art
Sarah Broderick, for getting rid of that pesky raccoon
Ray Scanlon, old man Scanlon, for liking it when we called you warm
Catherine McNamara, for being one of our favourite writers!
Gershon Ben-Avraham, for remembering poets, and for the Twitter support too
Sadiq Jaffery, for a little note of darkness in a baby’s first steps
KT Sparks, for having a cool new name and a brilliant story
Steve Sibra, who wrote with us last year and is back with us noooOOWWWWW (werewolf joke)
Dan Crawley, who we could read all day long
Louis Wenzlow, for good food and great coffee
Chaya Bhuvaneswar, for such a beautiful, small thing
Simon Barker, for making us laugh and putting us off doctors for life
TJ Fuller, for getting us those pre-prom brews
John Meyers, for believing in comebacks
Julia Strayer, for finally sorting out that kid next door!
Charles Lennox, for lots of smiles and a beautiful dog story
Noa Sivan, always, always, one of our heroes!
Joseph Young, another hero, and good luck with the Row House!
Nicholas Cook, for ghosts and meteorites
Jacquelyn Bengfort, for using slinkies to explain intergalactic travel
Jonathan Cardew, great writer, great editor, great guy, great great great
John Minichillo, for MORE stories culled from unfinished novels!
Ahimaz Rajessh, for swimming in language and ideas
Sudha Balagopal, for being lovely, and for two gorgeous stories
Pearse Anderson, for making Sephora the last place on Earth we want to visit
Steven Moss, for the sparkle!
Michele Finn Johnson, for giving us Einstein!
Gary V. Powell, another stand-out human being who writes like a dream
Beverly A. Jackson, with us since day one, our hero!
Michael Chin, for showing us what sci-fi lit ought to look like
Clio Velentza, whose name will one day be in the stars
Jesse Bradley, always innovative, always a good read, love the new project
Chelsea Voulgares, for the Volcano story, but also for Lost Balloon, which you all should read
Lori Sambol Brody, how did we ever get so lucky? One of our most popular stories of the year, one of our favourite writers
Meg Tuite, you know it’s a good year when you have a Meg Tuite story!
Claire Hopple, we loved this one – from the plums to the missing tarantula
Sheldon Lee Compton, sorry the Airgonaut is losing an editor, but thank you for this story and for supporting so many of our writers
Vallie Lynn Watson, we still can’t wipe that message off the damn screen door
Kathryn McMahon, who has just wowed us so much
Michael Mungiello, God help you! And Happy Birthday to you too
Nickie Shobeiry, this was a very cool piece, and we loved reading your journalism as well
Steve Cushman, oh, when the wife stands there with her arms crossed!
David S. Atkinson, always one of the first to support our writers with a like, and you got black coffee and Van Gogh and moot court cases into one piece
Jay Merrill, your poor narrator!
Siobhan Welch, for introducing us to Cookie and the Red Hat Society
Ben Slotky, officially Kafka on whip-its
Jack Somers, this was really good, and we got to pair it with an Egon Schiele painting!
Geordie Williams Flantz, HORSES ALL THE WAY DOWN!
Jane-Rebecca Canarella, for being bad-ass and Meow Meow Pow Pow!
AJ Atwater, we hope No One is dancing sure-foot around the kitchen table
GJ Hart, you’re just the nicest dude, dude
Yasmina Din Madden, a big hand for These Hands
Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Lunch on Tuesdays, for introducing us to sundogs
Roger Meachem, hope the frog’s still in the well
Meg Pokrass, another hero for us, another wow moment
Barrett Travis, this was sad but well worth reading
Edward Hardy, so happy to share a part of your Apology series
Chelsea Ruxer, for reminding us to brush our teeth
LaRue Cook, we stand by our words. Everyone in America should read this
Sean Daly, you were beautiful, Sean, we miss you
MJ Iuppa, for making us hungry
Eibhlinn McAleer, still love that voice
Jason Marc Harris, a wonderful story, and that beautiful crater
Hugh Behm-Steinberg, an absolute legend for us, one of the best
Mary Lynn Reed, Moon Park Review is going to be huge!
Kirsten Kaschock, what kind of life is out there for a woman with stories?
Jonathan Phin, I keep seeing that rubber ducky everywhere!
John Baum, for some much-needed Random Happiness Cure
L. L. Madrid, for Madeline and her tiny stitches
Katherine Forbes Riley, who really does speak our language
Eugenio Volpe, for the best pranks
Z.Z. Boone, who has the best name in fiction!
Walt Peterson, that pact, oh my
Rhiannon Cousins, who knew that shit was the truth about loneliness!
Mandy Huggins, we will never throw a ball again
Christopher Murphy, Roscoe is the best dog ever
Scott Ray, totally captured that time when some go to college and some stay home
Susan Tepper, who has written many fine stories for us, this year and last
Sandra Arnold, who knocked it out of the park a couple of times this year
Daniel M. Shapiro, who is weird and wonderful and especially for your work with Jessy Randall
Jessy Randall, who is wonderful and weird and especially for your work with Daniel M. Shapiro and Briget Heidmous
Briget Heidmous, who is weirdly wonderful, and especially for your work with Jessy!
Stacy Trautwein Burns, the first story we took for the Kill People issue, even before it existed
Eva Wong Nava, so glad we got to know your work this year
Jacqueline Doyle, we love you! Everyone, check out The Missing Girl!
A.E. Weisgerber, the woman, the writer, the legend, and one of our favourite people in the whole world. Every writer (and editor) needs someone like Anne in their corner
Jan Elman Stout, now that’s how you write about coyotes!
Kathryn Kulpa, we’ve met so many wonderful writers this year. Kathryn, a pleasure
Jennifer Fliss, a future champion of the world, and the only writer to mention sex dreams with men who look like Steve Buscemi
Laura Solomon, who always writes so beautifully
Nick Black, for killing off Terry!
Derick Dupre, Mr and Mrs Krummholz shall never be forgot
Brendan Zietsch, for realizing ‘it was only the process of discovery that was interesting’
Maria Pinto, the only time we talked about that day, and the only time we will talk about that day!
Sarah Beaudette, that mother!
Peter Grimes, for taking us back in time
Elizabeth Morton, my favourite-ever Sudoku and sex toys story
Dorothy Rice, for letting us look behind the political scenes
Dan Tremaglio, for giving us a Plato piece!
Adetomiwa Victor Owoseni, one of our Best of the Net nominations, and a star
Lydia Copeland Gwyn, I still have a photo on my phone of your comments on FB saying you knew you wanted to be a part of Jellyfish Review since discovering us!
Cheyenne Nimes, just beautiful
Aleyna Rentz, Aleyna – you are a rockstar! Never change
Kevin Tosca, an incredible writer. Thank you for taking us to nudist beach, and thank you as well for fighting your case so well on this one – you taught us something, and you’re worth a million for that!
Vincent Louis Carrella, not only a great writer, but you also gave us the photo for our first year anniversary cover. Thank you again J
Maureen Langloss, a super-cool person, and this was the funniest story of the year
Amelia Langford, I wish we could’ve found a picture of a cat in a dinosaur suit for this
Eleanor Gallagher, a beautiful snapshot of New York City, 2003
Anthony Cordello, this was the best kind of weird
Dennis Scott Herbert, I still haven’t licked a stack of 200 taco shells, but there’s time. The year’s not over yet
Elizabeth Gibson, the sunset is the line at the bottom, that black line. It’s the important part no one sees
Jane Kim-Szpajda, I still get a kick out of your baby calling the psychic hotline!
Antoine Bargel, this got meta-meta-meta
William R. Soldan, Bill – a top writer, doing great things
Bethany Laurell, I hope the world never runs out of words, because we’d never get to read stories like this out loud
David James Poissant, publishing this was one of my highlights of the year
Subashini Navaratnam, one of our nominations for Best of the Net, and this piece is incredible
Elizabeth Lovatt, so glad you turned that man to stone!
Meghan Phillips, a fangtastic piece! Remind me again what song this was based on?
Jennifer Kircher Carr, this was one to get your teeth into! Oh, I’m remembering how much fun I had making vampire puns!
Anna Cabe, yes, this was awesome
Victoria Briggs, the Lady Monster issue gave us so many great pieces!
Jeremiah Tan, the picture we used for Astrid Hulderbarn is haunting us to this day. I blame you!
Kim Magowan, you are on fire right now – I hope the book is a huge success
Lucy Durneen, DEFINITELY one of our favourite writers! Everyone should check out Wild Gestures
Elaine Chiew, ELAINE, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Thank you for every story you’ve sent our way, and for being a writing friend since forever. And for the Wigleaf Top 50 result, of course!
Rebecca Fishow, ANOTHER of our favourite writers! I forgot how happy I was to publish so many great pieces and great people in the Lady Monsters issue
Michelle Ross, Michelle, you quickly became unmissable round our way. An incredible writer. We always look forward to seeing another Michelle Ross story.
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, those heifers!
T. L. Sherwood, another friend from the early days, still killing it!
Joe Bedford, one day I’m going to build that roadblock
Dylan Brie Ducey, I remember this one well. Thank you for sharing this with us
Michael Loveday, why do all writers want to make me afraid of doctors???
Ahba Iyengar, this was so sad
Robert Hilles, that bear, licking that window. Very good
Mileva Anastasiadou, Mileva, how are you?!
Madeline Anthes, Madeline, you wrote the first story of our second year, and we have another one by you coming out soon! Excellent!


That’s all! Thank you too to all the readers. We love you and need you and appreciate you so much. We’re sometimes lucky enough to hear from you, via social media, or through email, and you’re the best.


2 years old
A Word About The Art

For our one year anniversary art, Vincent Louis Carrella donated a beautiful photo of a creepy baby doll. This year, Chad Miller gave us a beautiful piece of graphic art work. Our little girl is growing older!

(and a word about the artist!)

Chad Miller is a queer man living in Austin, Texas, where he writes and draws.

He has had stories previously published in Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art, wherein he won a contest judged by Aimee Bender, as well as in Wigleaf and elimae and Jellyfish Review.

Chad is also a visual artist/book jacket designer, and has worked with Soho Press and Columbia and has had work featured on Monkeybicycle, Electric Literature, Flavorwire, Shortlist, and Cluster Magazine.

Check out more or hire Chad at