23 Months Old, Siphonophorae

Issue 23, Siphonophorae

The stories

Mister Potato Head by Noa Sivan
Dog Story by Charles Lennox
A Few Goats by Julia Strayer
Checking Out by John Meyers
Soon by TJ Fuller
Rothko by Simon Barker
The Glenohumeral Joint by Chaya Bhuvaneswar
The Smorgasbord of Yum by Louis Wenzlow
Justice Court by Dan Crawley
Karamazov by the End of the Year by Steve Sibra
Hardware by KT Sparks
Baby Steps by Sadiq Jaffery
Remembering Robert Angus McDavid by Gershon Ben-Avraham


Editor’s Note

Another great month! Check out all of the stories. We also released another special call for submissions a couple of weeks ago – more details of which can be found here. And we’re coming up to a second anniversary, for which we will be publishing a wonderful story by one of our favourite writers.


Issue 23 cover

Image by John Vachon