Special “Shit & Snot & Pregnancy & Elbows” Call for Submissions

Shit and snot and pregnancy and elbows

Every medium of art has dallied with the body in all its goo and flesh and orifice and wonder. Poetry, photography, sculpture, the novel, short stories, reportage, film, music, porn. And each has found a new way to explore the body. Flash fiction is no different, and has embraced the theme like few others. The changes of the body, our comfort or discomfort with the body, the possibilities and limitations of the body, the body as metaphor, the body as location, body as food, body as tool, body as weapon, body as cup, and of course, the body as the body as the body as the body.


Here are some great pieces. There are many more out there:

Afterbirth, by Aubrey Hirsch, at Booth

Pieces of My Body, by Caroline M. Yoachim, at Flash Fiction Online

Appleless, by Aimee Bender, at Fairy Tale Review

A Particular Woman, by Molly Jean Bennet, at Masters Review

Six Things We Found During the Autopsy, by Kuzhali Manickavel, at Apex Magazine


With this in mind, the theme of our next Special Issue is Shit and snot and pregnancy and elbows. We want you to explore some aspect of the human body. However you interpret that is up to you. The issue will run between mid-November and mid-December, and the deadline for submissions is approximately November 10.

Your story does not need to be specifically about excreta or mucus or natum or partum or the bendy bits of your arms – but it should be about some physical aspect of the bod. What you do with that physical aspect of the bod is in your hands!

Stories should be 1000 words or fewer. Put your story in the body of an email to jellyfishreview@outlook.com and feel free to include a short covering letter. We request first publication rights, after which all rights revert to you. We will respond to most submissions within a few days, so if you haven’t heard back from us after a fortnight feel free to query.


We’re still taking normal submissions too, so please let us know if you’re submitting for the special issue. Thanks!




Image by libby rosof of art by Frida Kahlo