Basking, Gloating by Michael Mungiello

Basking, Gloating

God help those who argue on trains. God help those who have never masturbated but whose boyfriends watch porn. God help those who still want to get involved in politics and still don’t. God help those in healthy open relationships. God help the ironists and quote-deployers. God help young models. God help the patrons of independent movie theaters in NoHo who laugh every two minutes. God help old models. God help girlfriends and boyfriends and friends and people. God help my ex-alcoholic former math teacher. God help all those who call their fathers “father” and their mothers by their first names. God help political dissidents. God help the eventual translators of my work, poems, stories, and essays. God help MTA conductors. God help my boss. God help your boss. God help whoever owns the voice that speaks through every PA system. God help Guatemala, and all countries. God, please, more than anyone else – help the ghost of Kenneth Koch, to whom I dedicate all my knotted emotions and thoughts. God help Yourself. God help the Devil (help him become Not-the-Devil). God help flowers. God help poets on Twitter. God help reporters and people who smoke weed. God help those who ride trains, argumentless. God help everybody who loves the films Symbipsychotaxiplasm, House, and Lovestreams. God help all my artist friends and all my artist enemies. The world is vast. You are Good. Remember to help Kenneth Koch. Goodbye God! Goodbye! God help Goodbyes. God help Hellos. God help Abstraction. God help play. God help high seriousness. God help my mom. God help all things in the particular case. God help me help You help. Goodbye God! Goodbye now for real! God help me end as I’d begun to end. God help me end with dignity and “closure” and some sort of two-mindedness that people in New York somehow lack. God help trains. God help all variety of transportation. And God? You’re the best; thank you.


Museum Stained Glass Window Art


Michael Mungiello is from New Jersey. His work has appeared in Eclectica, Fourteen Hills, Connotation Press, McSweeney’s, and several other places. Life is overall pleasant.


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