20 Months Old, I Remember Jellyfish


On the Wings of a Cormorant, by LaRue Cook
Timbre and Tone, by Sudha Balagopal
Enamel, by Chelsea Ruxer
Apology #7: The Ottoman or I Feel Bad about Plaid, by Edward Hardy
Animal Control, by Barrett Travis
Therapy Cat, by Meg Pokrass
Galileo’s Other Job, by Roger Meachem
I Could Close My Eyes to Avoid Further Injury, by Ingrid Jendrzejewski
These Hands, by Yasmina Din Madden
A Kind of Kind Thing to Do, by GJ Hart
No One, by AJ Atwater
Ocean Songs for the Nursery, by Jane-Rebecca Cannarella
Horses, by Geordie Williams Flantz
Vanishing Man, by Jack Somers


Editor’s Note

This month sees a number of stories focused on the body and on disappearing. Hair and teeth and eyes and hands all play important roles. In one piece, the body slowly vanishes under the narrator’s watchful measuring eye. In another, a man is nothing, hiding under the table, waiting for his cat. Elsewhere, a man is slowly lost. On the lake, a way of life faces firm but gentle challenge. And in Ocean Songs for the Nursery, the hero sinks beneath the bathwater to remember nothing lasts forever. Animals also crop up several times – dying, helping, saving, being our very essence. It’s a rich month for metaphor, for the corporal, for the alive, for the slowly dying. Plus Edward Hardy wrote a very funny piece about a plaid ottoman. A great month all round!


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Art by Klimt