Special “Intergalactic Planetary” Call for Submissions

The special “Intergalactic Planetary” call for submissions

Having conquered fan-fic, erotica, horror and crime in previous special issues, it was maybe written in the stars that at some point we’d propose a sci-fi/literature hybrid call for submissions.

Science fiction and literature have long been occasional bedfellows, and when you consider how vast the realms of science fiction are, that’s little surprise. Close encounters of the third kind, dystopian futures, utopian futures, robot love stories, talking apes, mutant superheroes, mysterious experiments, alien abductions, meteors hitting the earth, rockets to the sun, time travel, hoverboards, and men in black; all and more are fair game for the lit/sci-fi hybrid flasher!


Literary flash fiction (like what we like) has tackled science fiction before, astonishingly well. Check out:

Re: re: Microwave in the breakroom doing weird things to fabric of spacetime by Charles Yu

Study for the New Fictional Science by Amber Sparks

Life on the Moon by Douglas Watson

and of course When the Children Return by Cathy Ulrich (Wigleaf Top 50!)


So, the fifth Jellyfish Review special issue will run from the middle of July until the middle of August, and the call is on for science-fiction-tinged literary flash fiction, 1000 words or less.

Please copy and paste submissions into an email and send them to jellyfishreview@outlook.com – loosely the deadline is July 10. The story must be previously unpublished and we require first publication rights. We’ll probably favour stories that aren’t too exposition-heavy. During this time we’ll still be taking regular submissions too.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!


Intergalactic Planetary


Art by JD Hancock