Fifteen Months Old, Named for Frank Zappa

Fifteen Months Old, Named for Frank Zappa

The stories

Those Left Behind by Laura Solomon
Crickets by Bethany Laurell
American Motorcycle Sound Effects by Jon Berger
South of Nogales by William R. Soldan
The Definition of Insanity 2 by Antoine Bargel
My Baby Has Been Calling the Psychic Hotline by Jane Kim-Szpajda
The Tooth by Elizabeth Gibson
This is What You Wanted by Dennis Scott Herbert
Salts in the Brain by Anthony Cordello
The Geometry of Desire by Gary V. Powell         [Highly recommended]
New York City, 2003 by Eleanor Gallagher
Dinosaur Suit by Amelia Langford
God Submits by Maureen Langloss

Editor’s Letter

A new year just dawned for many of us. For others it will start at the end of this month. For many more it kicked off way back in October, and for many more again it won’t begin until March or April. The truth is, a new year doesn’t mean much, unless you’re a big fan of Best Of lists. Time keeps rolling on, the world keeps turning, some things continue to shock and disappoint, and some lights grow brighter. I’d like to find a nice way to wrap up 2016 and move us into 2017, but I’m not sure there is one. It’s just an arbitrary tick on the clock.

Little connected the stories this month. A number were by emerging writers being published only for the first or second time ever, which felt very satisfying. Others were by writers with very long rap sheets! Some of the pieces felt unbelievably real, and others entirely not. Except maybe there was one link. In most of these stories, people wanted something. And, by the end, I’m not sure any of them got what they wanted, or wanted what they’d got.

And maybe that’s how 2016 finishes, and 2017 begins after all. With us still wanting more.

Happy 2017, everybody!


Special “Kill People” Call for Submissions

Our fourth special issue has gone live. In the past we had Celebrity, which was kind of our take on fan-fiction. Then we had Bad Sex, which we saw as our go at erotica. After Bad Sex came Lady Monsters, our rip at horror. And this time we take on one of the oldest themes in the book. Murder.

Although the issue is provocatively titled “Kill People” we are not looking for your gruesome or your gory. Every special issue has brought inspired responses to the prompt, and this issue will too. For more details, please check out the link.


Jellyfish Fact

Genovan jellyfish expert Fernando “Nando” Boero was a big Frank Zappa fan, so when he had the opportunity to name a species of cnidarian, he opted for Phialella zappai. Hoping for a meeting, he wrote a letter to the musician, who said there was “nothing I would like better than having a jellyfish with my name”. Nando got to meet Frank Zappa, and the two went on to meet many times more.

Zappa has also had a snail, a spider, a bacterium, a type of mudskipper and an extinct rodent take his name.


Frank Zappa.jpg

Image by James Mayle


Image by Ferdinando “Nando” Boero