Best Small Fictions 2017 nominations

Best Small Fictions 2017 nominations

Between the first and last days of 2016, we will have published well over a hundred stories. I ran out of fingers and toes trying to count exactly how many, but it’s close to a hundred-and-forty. A lot of well-known names, a lot of great writers, a lot of new voices, and a ton(point four) of incredible writing!

From that nearly-gross, we could only choose five stories to nominate for Best Small Fictions, 2017. I wish we could’ve nominated many, many more. Nevertheless, I’m delighted with the stories we have chosen.

In alphabetical order:

Randall Brown, Disintegration

We’ve loved Randall Brown since back in the day, when he was chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school. We asked Randall if he could write the story to celebrate our one-year anniversary. In return, he gave us Christmas in October! A beautifully written and observed piece. From Randall, of course, you’d expect no less.

Al Kratz, It’s been a Long Time since I’ve Rock and Rolled

Al’s story is like seven small, linked, perfectly formed mini-stories, and has maybe my favourite image from the entire year. His damaged hero lays alone in an open-field with multiple planes crashing around him and on him. Read the story – parts of it will stick with you forever.

John Minichillo, Dog

We were taken aback by the sheer volume and quality of response to our call for Lady Monster stories. I could’ve happily chosen five stories from this one issue to nominate for the Best Small Fictions 2017! John’s story was the first we accepted, and kicked off the issue in spectacular fashion. I’m a huge fan of this story.

Amy Rossi, If You Need Me, I’ll Be Over Here Marking My Life In Bob Seger Songs

Besides having one of the best titles of any story ever, this was also one of our most popular pieces from the year. Part of Amy’s fantastic series of “If You Need Me…” stories, this is one of many highlights of our Bad Sex issue. Plus it has this line: “…between the streetlights, he asks if I’ve ever been married. I start to laugh, but his face is earnest. Like he’s asking if I’ve ever been to California.” A must-read.

A. E. Weisgerber, Charybdis

Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber is hands-down one of our favourite contributors and people! She is endlessly inventive and inspiring. She’s given birth to many of my favourite conversations as an editor, and she’s also been responsible for not one, not two, not three, but four – count ‘em – four great stories at Jellyfish Review. Although she had a little help. From F. Scott Fitzgerald. From Joseph Conrad. From Honore de Balzac. Especially from Louis Roddan Leggett. If I could slip inside one person’s mind, it would be Anne’s! Charybdis is just beautiful.


So there’s our nominations. Pretty nifty, right? One of the editors of the Best Small Fictions team has already congratulated us on our strong line-up. Watch this space – we’ve got some winners in here!

This year, Amy Hempel will be judging entries. The Best Small Fictions anthology in two short years has already become one of the publishing highlights of the year. We’re very excited to nominate stories for them, and will be delighted if Amy selects any of these stories for inclusion. I’m not sure any other anthology so well celebrates the diversity and depth of flash fiction.

To all the many writers we couldn’t nominate but wish we could’ve, thank you. To the fantastic five above, thank you. And to everyone’s who’s read this long note and read the stories … cheers big ears!



Art by Edward Middleton Manigault

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