One Year Old, the Immortal Jellyfish

We are one year old, and in lieu of our traditional editorial letter, I’d like just to say instead THANK YOU most entirely to

Randall Brown, for our anniversary gift – Christmas in October!

Claire Polders, for brunch

Jan Stinchcomb, for movie night

Ron Gibson, Jr. for the passionate support!

Leslie Bohem, for the music

Noa Sivan and Yardenne Greenspan, for the best week ever!

Noemi Martinez, for the bus ride

Michelle Ross, for that day at the waterpark

Dan Crawley, for keeping it cool

A.J. Huffman, for being dead cool
Al Kratz, for the rock and roll!
Alina Stefanescu, for poetry
Alvarado O’Brien, both of you!
Amber Nicole Brooks, for bringing so much to your characters in so few words
Amy Rossi, for being where you said you’d be when we needed you
Andrew Stancek, for friendship and flight
Ann Hillesland, for making me never want to drive across a bridge late at night in the rain
Anna Lea Jancewicz, still the best title we’ve ever had!
Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber, many, many, many, many times over
Ashley Hutson, yours was one of our favourites of the year, and we wish you good luck with your collection
Barbara O’Donnell, for rolos!
Beverly A. Jackson, with us from day one, and for setting the bar so high
Caroline Fairey, for the vacation
Catfish McDaris, for the crazy
Cathy Ulrich, for being out of this world
C.C. Russell, for making me feel worse about getting old!
Chris Milam, not just a great story, but also a great guy
Christopher Stanley, for rewriting Walking Dead
Christina Murphy, for our story
Dan Nielsen, for being laid-back and awesome
Daniel M. Shapiro, every which way but loose
Daniel Roy Connelly, for the clitoris hat, which everyone who’s anyone’s wearing
Digby Beaumont, not just for the story, but also for always posting great art
Elaine Chiew, so much. Cannot say this enough
Elias Keller, for gender studies
em jollie, for trusting us with your story when we were still so young
Fred Miller, for old war stories
Gay Degani, for being great even before Jellyfish Review
Geula Geurts, a great piece
GJ Hart, a great piece from a great guy
Heidi Heim, our first and only flash factory solicitation!
Hugh Behm-Steinberg, for letting us take not one, not two, not even three, but four!
Iris N. Schwartz, for stories and much, much support
J. Bradley, for a pyramid of dick pics
Jack. C. Buck, Michigan’s lucky to have you
James Claffey, we’re fans of yours
James Hartman, for the flash fiction
J. Edward Kruft, for champagne and attempted sex in bathrooms
Jennifer Fliss, for the Woody Allen impersonation
Jenn Stroud Rossman, for wiffle ball!
Jessy Randall, for bringing us something new
Joe Kapitan, for a glimpse at that lovely family
Jonathan Cardew, for Star Wars!
Joseph Young, for being the coolest
Jovan Popov-Albertson – we’ll always have Paris
Kai Tanaka, for teaching us how to tell a story… and how! Publishing that piece felt significant to us, and so many people still tell us they love it,
Kevin D. LeMaster, our New Year story
Kevin Tosca, for hugs and an upcoming jaunt to a nudist beach
Kyle Hemmings, for writing like nobody else
Len Kuntz (and again, and again!)
Lisa de Nikolits, our first story reviewed outside these four walls
Lori Sambol Brody, for our first taste of how good CNF could be. You’ve been one of our favourites!
Lucinda Kempe, for cats and lego and friendship and taking no bullshit
Lucy Durneen, for rockets, for ladies on buses, and for Radio 4!
Lynn Mundell, we loved having you, and also love what you’re doing with 100 word stories
Mark Budman, for the first flash fiction magazine and for being great even pre-jellyfish
Martin Heavisides, for music and birthday wishes!
Mary Akers, for nudity! We still get a lot of people looking for ‘nude Mary Akers’
Mary Lynn Reed, great all over
Melissa Goode, for being one of our favourite writers
Michelle Elvy, for being one of the nicest people in flash fiction
Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois, for our anniversary
Nathaniel Tower, good luck with life post-Bartleby. You set a mould for magazines like ours to only dream of
Paul Beckman, for many thoughtful laughs
Paul Negri, the full package
Penn Kemp, a true poet laureate
Poonam Srivastava, so much fun!
Rebecca Fishow, for great stories and for partly inspiring Lady Monsters
Rebecca Harrison, for blowing us away with lockets
Richard Mark Glover, for letting us enjoy your noirish cool
Roman James Hoffmann, we love it every time a writer lets us do something new
Ron Burch, a good man and a good writer
S.A. Leavesley, for the patchwork quilt of micro-fictions – we’d never seen that before
Sandra Arnold, doing New Zealand proud!
Sara Lippmann, your story introduced us to a much wider audience of great writers and we’ve been reaping the benefits ever since,
Sheldon Lee Compton, for innovation and airgonauts!
Sona Maniar, she can write, she can draw…
Stefanie Freele, we loved your story immeasurably
Steve Bogdaniec, for Huey Lewis, but not for the News. Definitely not for the News
Steve Sibra, for making us laugh out loud
Stuart Greenhouse, for Van, of course!
Susan Tepper, for the stories and the unwavering support. Time after time one of our most popular writers
T.E. Cowell, for being unique
Terri Jane Dow, the response to your story opened up doors for us
Thaddeus Rutkowski, for some of the baddest sex!
Thomas Kearnes, for scaring the crap out of us
Thomas O’Connell, for the gifts
Timothy Day, for kicking it 100 with us 🙂
Tim Love, for being our crossword companion
T.L. Sherwood, our Best Small Fiction longlister!
Valerie Malloof, for making parenthood look easy…

and anyone and everyone who ever read these top writers. You’ve all made this the best year.

Thank you. Terimah kasih.

Hope you’ll stick with us for year two!




A note about the picture

The picture is another gift, ©Vincent Louis Carrella. As well as being a talented photographer, Vincent’s debut novel was published by Harper Perennial, and we will be publishing one of his short stories in 2017. Just one of many great things we’ve got coming up in the next year!