Eleven Months Old, Haeckel’s Wife’s Hair

Eleven Months Old, Haeckel’s Wife’s Hair


Here’s the good stuff!

Geula Geurts – Poet Suffers Stroke

J. Edward Kruft – Communion

Timothy Day – The Melamorphosis

Al Kratz – It’s been a Long Time since I’ve Rock and Rolled

Sandra Arnold – Derived from the Latin Meaning Happiness

Melissa Goode – No One is Home

Gay Degani – Adult Education

James Hartman – Flash Fiction

Sona Maniar – In Search of a Beginning

Elias Keller – Shall I Compare Thee to a Wilted Rose


Editor’s Letter

Eleven occupies a curious place in popular culture. The eleventh hour. “This one goes up to eleven.” The girl with powers in Netflix hit Stranger Things. One and one are sometimes eleven (a Kashmiri proverb and an internet fave).

Eleven’s dystopian – coming after one thing and before another. Overwhelming and portentous.

Jellyfish are suitably dystopian beasts. Maybe that’s why we have such wonderful writers writing wonderfully this month. In many of these stories, something is ending or something new is beginning. A special shout out for: Timothy Day’s The Melamorphosis, our 100th ever story. Al Kratz’s It’s been a Long Time since I’ve Rock and Rolled, pretty phenomenal. Melissa Goode’s No One is Home, gorgeous.

But they’re all great this month. Spanning the globe, mixing old and new, some (we hope) raising smiles, some provoking thoughts, and some doing both. This is an overwhelming issue.


Note about the artwork

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist, well-known for his lithographs and half-tone prints. His illustrations weren’t just beautiful – they showed his view of the world. He liked to paint jellyfish for their perfect symmetry, and in this picture – Discomedusae – also because the tentacles reminded Haeckel of his late wife’s long flowing hair.


Notes about the future

Next month will see us turn one. We have a story by Randall Brown, one of our favourite flash fiction writers, to celebrate. We also have stories by Dan Crawley, Michelle Ross, Noemi Martinez, Leslie Bohem, Ron Gibson, Jan Stinchcomb and Claire Polders. And we have a special week of very, very short pieces by Noa Sivan, who wrote the gorgeous Plaza Trinidad for us recently.  Also coming up soon is a special issue – Lady Monsters – for which we are still accepting submissions. Whoo! What comes after dystopia? We can’t wait!