The Special “Lady Monsters” Call for Submissions

The special ‘Lady Monsters’ call for submissions

Zombies have been done to death and vampires suck.

It’s sad to say, but the monster story just ain’t what it used to be. A bunch of teenage bloodsuckers and walking dead, a few werewolves, the occasional ghost. But where are the Jabberwockies? Where are my bunyips and yowies? What the what is a James P. Sullivan?

Makes you wonder what might happen if flash fiction writers tried their hand at monsters. Well, then you could end up with something like this:

Monster Flicks by Lincoln Michel at Necessary Fiction, or this

Wayne Kumai, Novelist, Centaur by Matt Bell at Smokelong, or even this

Giant Mutant Kittens by Brandi Wells at Bluestem Magazine.

With such lofty belfries in mind, Jellyfish Review is pleased to announce its most recent special call for submissions.

Lady Monsters!

So what do we want? Well, you might:

  • Rejuvenate tired old classics. Do something original with them. OR
  • Write about some of the world’s lesser-written-about monsters. There’s a whole world of monsters out there, and we don’t know the half of them. OR, EVEN BETTER YET
  • Delve deep into the recesses of your weird and twisted minds and bring us something entirely frightening and new.

Be warned, though. We don’t want clichés or boring same-old same old.  We’re still a literary magazine first and foremost, and we’re keen this time round to have some really strong characters. On top of which, we recently rewrote our regular submissions page to underline how much we like insight in our stories, so that’s something to bear in mind.

Also, mucho importanto, and the clue is in the title; we want female monsters. Move over, fellas! Scooch, Drac! We’ll be pretty liberal with interpretations of the prompt, but we are hoping for some memorable female characters.

Usual rules apply. 1,000 words or less, copy your story into the body of an email, and send it to us at

The first story will go up in the middle of November, and the issue will run for one month. Deadline November 10. Previous special calls for submissions have had an incredible response, which we’d love to maintain.

During this period, regular submissions will continue to run as normal. So don’t be afraid!


Medusa Head


Art derived from image by Ad Meskens

A quick caveat – we won’t publish anything misogynistic. That’s not what this is about.

FAQ – Can men submit? YES!