Nine Months Old, Okeanos Explorer

The Stories

Fish Forever by Michelle Elvy

My love it is a red, red rose by Tim Love

How to Tell a Story by Kaj Tanaka

The Rabbits of the Underworld Find Innovation Distasteful by Anna Lea Jancewicz

North, South, East, West by Mary Lynn Reed

The Sound that Angry Angels Make by Roman James Hoffman

Don’t Shake Hands on the Bandstand by Jenn Stroud Rossmann

Five Minutes Can Make a Difference by Paul Beckman

Vacation by Caroline Fairey


Nine Months Old!

If Jellyfish Review were a pregnant woman, it might be giving birth around now. This month we published some incredible writers and incredible stories. Next month we’re doing the same. The giving birth line feels apt, and leads me to the Okeanos Explorer.

Those of you who regularly google ‘New Jellyfish discoveries’ are probably already familiar with the Okeanos Explorer. It’s the vessel exploring the Mariana Trench which a couple of months ago discovered this beautiful critter.

jellyfish review from Okeanos

Recognize her? She made all the front pages, drawing inevitable comparisons to UFOs and space-aliens. There’s wonderful footage you should watch if you have the time, and we’ll provide a link below.

But I’d like to twist this tortuously into a seamless thought about the state of flash fiction today. The jellyfish, like literature, is literally a gajillion years old. In that time, it feels difficult occasionally to resist the idea that surely everything that could be seen has been seen. Everything that might be written has been written. After all, aren’t there only seven basic stories anyway? Jellyfish don’t even have brains!

And yet no! New jellyfish, exciting jellyfish, are still being discovered even now. So too new literature, in flash fiction more than possibly anywhere else.

We are more excited than most at the directions flash fiction is taking right now. We think we’re publishing some of the people who are pushing this voyage of discovery, and we hope to keep publishing more of them in the future.

This month, our explorers were marvelous and many, and there are links to all of their stories above this editor’s blahblahyaddayadda.

Next month is our bad sex issue, and it too will blow you away!


(picture by NOAA Ocean Explorer)

As promised, a link to the video)