Eight Months Old, Porpita Porpita

One of the interesting things about jellyfish is that many are not jellyfish.

Take porpita porpita, the blue button jellyfish. Here comes the science bit. Porpita porpita (I love saying that) is actually a colony of hydrozoan polyps. Not one being, but many. Some of the polyps eat. Some fight. Some reproduce. They work together, under a beautiful golden-brown floating disc.

Geddit?!! It’s an analogy!

This month was pretty damn fantastic, with stories by a bunch of amazing hydrozoan polyps! Including gorgeous pieces by Joe Kapitan, Ashley Hutson and Joseph Young et al, last month was our most successful ever:

The Lockets, by Rebecca Harrison

Postmortem Instructions, by A.J. Huffman

Tiny Fake Us, Staring Out to Sea by Joe Kapitan

Atlased by S.A. Leavesley

Disbelief by Ashley Hutson

The Worst Thing by Heidi Heim

Rainbow Joke by Joseph Young

Frank Wakes Up by Steve Sibra


Next month is going to rock it to the moon as well, with work by Michelle Elvy, Kaj Tanaka, Anna Lea Jancewicz and Paul Beckman, among others.




Click here to watch porpita porpita in action

Not only, but also:

We’ve had a blistering response to the bad sex call. We’re now keen to push for more regular submissions – so if you have a story you think we might like, take a look at our submissions page.