Rainbow Joke by Joseph Young

Rainbow Joke

He was funny. But not funny enough. Clearly more funny than most but still, what’s that in this world?

What’s orange and red and blue all over? he asked.

They turned away. Don’t even try, they said. Some of them even winced. A few of them were concerned for his reputation.

Oh, c’mon!

He stopped going out, stayed at home with the cats. He figured, the wind would blow the other direction soon enough. Then he’d be ok — again.

What’s orange and red and blue all over? he asked his wife.

A sad rainbow?

Ha! he said, that’s better than mine. It wasn’t really but his wife tried so hard. She was less humorous than most.

He sat on the porch and watched the world go by. Such a big place, he said, such a funny world.


Rainbow Kandinsky


Joseph Young writes and makes art in Baltimore. His book of microfiction, Easter Rabbit, was released in 2009 from Publishing Genius, and his chapbook, 5 drawings of the maryland sky, from Ink Press in 2012. Links to these books, as well as other writing and art, can be found at josephyoung.net.


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(Picture by Vassily Kandinsky)