Five Months Old and Budding

After five months, Jellyfish Review doesn’t feel new anymore. On the one hand, that means we’ve lost the heady, fresh-out-of-bed vibe we had at the beginning. On the other hand, we have a fantastic collection of stories, and when writers submit stories to us now they time and time again tell us how much they love what we’re doing. Every other submitter has a favourite piece, and often two or three favourite pieces. Including many of these storming pieces, published over the last few weeks.

Memorial Day by Fred Miller

“Wonderful” “Beautifully done! Love love this.” “Sensational story”

Gifts by Thomas O’Connell

“Your stories paint a picture in my mind.” “Awesome! … a wonderful talent.”

No Problem, No Problem by Lori Sambol Brody

“Every word perfect” “So many great lines in such a short piece” “Thrilled to see this amazing story”

R.I.P My Blue Hoody by T. E. Cowell


Driftwood by Chris Milam

“Great stuff” “beauty so real””Such fine writing”

The Last Irishman to Walk on the Moon by James Claffey

“I feel chilled after reading it” “Love this” “A supremely graceful ending”

Eels & Eels #2 and Parade & Bears by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

“Wow!!! Fantastic stuff!” “Eels #2 particularly” “Awesome” “Beautiful” “Parade is really beautiful and has a deep well of feeling. I’m moved.”


Next month

Three months ago we announced a call for celebrity stories, and the response was overwhelming. Over the next month we will publish the best stories we received, including pieces by many former contributors. Look forward to:

Elaine Chiew on Kanye West, Beverly A. Jackson on Dustin Hoffman, Sara Lippmann on Patrick Swayze, Len Kuntz on Elvis, Anne Weisgerber on Joseph Conrad, Lynn Mundell on Sophia Loren, Iris Schwarz on Chris Noth… and many more besides!

I absolutely can’t wait!


jellyfish 5


Jellyfish Fact

Thanks to former contributor Andrew Stancek for telling me about this one.

Some twenty-odd years ago, NASA sent 2,748 jellyfish polyps into space, in an attempt to test microgravity’s effects on the animals as they grew into medusa. When the jellyfish returned to earth, their motor abilities were ill-developed for our regular gravity.

Space jellyfish hate earth. This doesn’t bode well for the space-born babies of the future. And what kind of jellies did they send into space? Appropriately enough, moon jellyfish.

Read more here and here